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Human: Fall Flat no longer has native support

human fall flat no longer has linux support

Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics based puzzle game that just dropped Linux support. Also leaving Windows and Mac builds, while native gamers have to use Proton via Steam Play.

Linux Support:

The Steam discussion post outlines “the decision” to drop Linux:

“Unfortunately we’ve made the decision to discontinue Linux support. So we can focus on new content and features for Windows and Mac versions. Apologies for this but thank you for your understanding!”

Just a couple of days ago Human: Fall Flat had a free update today for Windows and Mac. The game now supports eight new languages: Turkish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Thai, and Indonesian. But somewhere after this point the Linux port was dropped. And no reason is available in the Steam post.

For those who do not know, Human: Fall Flat is using Unity 3D. The game engine that makes up 90% the Steam for Linux library catalogue of games. A massively popular game engine that makes porting to different platforms straight forward. Even the developers who tell me they can create a port but don’t have Linux experience, still create a build. And I’m constantly working with new dev‘s who also want to be apart of the Linux community.

One perfect example of this would be Luna and the Moonling that now has a native build. Which I was previously trying to test, but there was an issue with the build in the beta branch. So we had to wait for a fix and a public announcement for native support. Then voila, a Linux port and even controller integration that works well.

Human: Fall Flat Gameplay Trailer

So I have an email going to No Brakes Games for details. Since it seems a bit unusual that a title that holds a Very Positive review rating on Steam and smashes sales charts, would need to drop support. While the developer adds more languages and a Halloween update.

Testing via Steam Play using Proton, the game runs but then crashes 30 seconds in.
Therefore, No Brakes Games are creating an issue with the Linux community by dropping support.

Human: Fall Flat is available with a 50% discount on Steam and Humble Store. This deal runs until November 1st, where the game goes back to full price at $14.99 USD.

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