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Humble announces a new monthly subscription service called Humble Monthly

Humble Bundle has just announced a new monthly service called Humble Monthly.

This new offer popped in our email raising some curiosity. For $12 per month, those who subscriber will receive a variety of different games delivered digitally, every month. What titles? We do not know, they will remain hidden until delivered.

“A highly curated bundle of our favorite games at one fixed price. Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics – every month.”

Those who sign up before the first content release on November 6 will instantly unlock Legend of Grimrock 2. A title that originally launched in October of 2014. And likely to make a Linux debut at some point, although there is no confirmed release date.


Every month a new title will be granted the Instant Unlock, which means subs can start playing immediately. And Humble will also donate “5% of all proceeds go to each month’s selected charity.” Not at all a bad way to share the gaming love, so to speak.

This whole concept is not at all a disadvantage for gamers. Although a definitive unknown, as you never know what games will be issued or if a duplicate title will be issued, something that you already own in your game library.
However, from the point of indie developers looking to bring their game to the community, the service could create a much more consistent debut. So in that respect we really have to applaud the Humble Bundle team for the idea.

Still, the first thought that comes to mind, “wait and see”. What sort of games will be released? Will there be a trend, AAA titles and/or Indies? And how much of a savings will this service offer over the full price? Does the service include older or newer titles?

To find out more details on the subscription service, check out the link.


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