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Humble Book Bundle Linux and Open source?

humble book bundle linux and Open source aside from windows games

Since we typically write about new games and gaming in general. We are indeed a Linux and Open Source community and learn from a lot of online #documentation. Hence our preference for jumping into an #operatingsystem, which is totally new.
So we are eager to share the Humble Book Bundle Linux and Open source book bundle. Hoping that this may help in aid a few Windows users to make the transition to a more stable operating system.

Since nobody said it was easy. The Humble Book Bundle Linux and Open source is great if you are an cautious┬ábeginner. While also great reference for the experienced user. Since Apress have some helpful ebooks to share with you. Get Practical Linux Topics, Introducing Ethereum and Solidity, Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users, and lots more. No need to be concerned about native support, it’s all ebooks.

What’s in the Humble Book Bundle? (no Windows Games)

humble book bundle linux and open source books

So go on and pay $1 or more. While together, these ebooks would cost over $429 USD. Yet the folks at Humble Bundle let you name your price. Since it all starts $1 or more, increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle.

However, I seem to be a at an impass, I’m not sure what tier is best. Right now it looks like each one offers a tasty blend of Linux goodness. While the top $15 has it all and some enhancements for the operation system.

Since there are no games and just Humble books, you can read them anywhere. These books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats. So you can literally read them anywhere at any time. Literally available for any platform, Linux, Mac and Windows.

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