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Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle is worth a look

humble boomer shooter bundle is worth a look for linux mac windows pc modern fps games

Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle is worth a look for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC modern FPS games. All due to the efforts of the folks at Humble Bundle. Available as a pay what you want bundle.

Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle offer modern FPS games with old-school soul. Summon the spirits of classic ‘90s-era FPSes in our frag-tastic new game bundle. You will also face the doom that lurks beneath the Earth in the heavy-metal-infused DUSK. Maybe even channel the crazy powerful heretical magic in AMID EVIL. While you leave a trail of blood in Ion Fury (built on a powered-up version of the legendary BUILD engine). All so you can play a horde of brutal retro shooters with some smart modern day twists. Resurrect an era when DM meant Deathmatch. And as a result, support AbleGamers and the charity of your choice with your purchase.

For all you Steam Deck users, those new to Linux, and veterans alike. The Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle has a minimum $1 USD purchase. This is good, for one game, but might want to aim for the $12 USD tier. This is also where the magic happens. Offering you a mix of native Linux games and decent Proton support.

Yes, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $143 US. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle or more to access Steam keys.

$1 USD

$11.95 USD Tier

  • Hedon Bloodrite
  • Project Warlock (with Proton)

The $12 USD Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle tier is the better choice.

  • DUSK
  • AMID EVIL (with Proton)
  • Ion Fury
  • Dread Templar (with Proton)
  • HROT (with Proton)
  • ULTRAKILL Coupon 25% Off (with Proton)
  • Prodeus 10% Off Coupon (with Proton)

All of the games in Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle are available on Steam for Windows PC. But there are also some great games for Linux and Mac. And when you don’t have a native build, Proton to the rescue. Since you might need all the help you can get in these modern FPS games.

Oh right, as always you can support charity. This bundle lets you choose where the money goes. So either between the developers, AbleGamers, and a charity of your choice via PayPal Giving Fund. Humble Boomer Shooter Bundle is a solid pay what you want bundle.

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