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Humble Bundle for PC and Android 9 the best deal for Linux and Mac games too

Screenshot of Humble Bundle for PC and Android 9 with Linux support

Humble Bundle is back, and by now you know the drill: spend whatever you like (but hopefully more than the average, and ideally a lot more) to download a number of #DRMfree games across multiple platforms. Intended for charity, you can choose how much goes towards the game #developers, individual charities (there are two) and to the Humble Bundle curators themselves.

This time, you have some ridiculously good games available on Android, Windows, OS X and Linux, including Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirrror, Bridge Constructor, Type:Rider, Ravensword: Shadowlands and, if you beat the average, Kingdom Rush and Knights of Pen & Paper. As with all Humble Bundles, more games will come after a few days as long as you beat the average. All of the games listed here except for Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirrror have a native Linux build available, which is awesome.

While many of these games have been available on Android for a while — Kingdom Rush already has a sequel on iOS — there are some gems here. Broken Sword 2 is an amazing adventure game, and Type:Rider is an awesome platformer that teaches you about typography while you play.

Last night I tweeted out a post to Crescent Moon games that I was playing Ravensword: Shadowlands, thought I would try it. As it reminded me of Skyrim, but built in Unity and very much an open world RPG game.

See, when I first received the email from the Humble team about the new bundle,  I do what I always do, parooz. See what games catch my attention and hopefully support Linux. Ravensword: Shadowlands stood out to me at the time, but with no knowledge of the game it prompted some research via Steam, viola, native support!! Plus the gameplay looked really interesting. Which motivated me to buy Humble Bundle for PC and Android 9, where low and behold, most of the games were also fully cross-platform. Nice.

So do not be discouraged by the lack of Linux, Mac, and PC icons for the Bundle. For the price, the games are worth it, and do pass this message along to other Linux and Mac gamers.
Also, Crescent Moon games have a few other titles with Linux support, so stay tuned for more news and updates.

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