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Humble Bundle with Android 5 – Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows


The Humble team have done it again. Bringing you Humble Bundle with Android 5 with six mind-blowing games for Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac!

Pay what you want for Beat Hazard UltraDynamite JackSolar 2, and NightSky HD. And if you pay more than the average, you’ll also get Super Hexagon andDungeon Defenders!


All of these games are DRM-free and ready to rock on many Android devices as well as on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and a bunch of the games come with soundtracks in lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats as well! With a purchase of $1 or more, users will also receive keys to optionally redeem the games on Steam. Linux users can retrieve select games in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Bundle buyers can also benefit two amazing charities: the Electric Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity. With your help, we’ve already donated over $10.7 million for charity!

This bundle of out-of-this-world games would normally cost you $110, but we’re letting you name your price! So head on over to the site now and pay what you want for six games that will surely knock your socks off.
Humble Bundle with Android 5 will only be live for two weeks, so be sure to pick up your bundle before time runs out!

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