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Humble Choice takes over for Monthly plan

humble choice takes over for monthly games on linux mac windows pc

Humble Choice takes over for Humble Monthly releasing more games Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But what does this actually mean for Choice subscribers? What should you expect going forward?

So it’s official, the Humble Monthly is now Humble Choice. Which gives you the choice of 10 total games. Out of those 10 we have 3 available with native support for Linux. Giving subscribers Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Chase Turbo, and Desert Child. Which is better than the odd One game in Humble Monthly. Maybe even two if you got lucky.
To top it off, this also means new games releasing the first Friday of every month. So that customers no longer have to wait until the end of the month.

Let’s pause for a commercial break. Make sure to also check out the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2019. New games added daily for the month of December 2019.

Those new to the Humble Choice subscription, this actually started on December 6th. Where subscribers receive an email with a link to their monthly games. Then pick 9 titles of their Choice.

Likewise, if you are already receiving the Classic plan. As long as you still have an active subscription as of December 6th. You will still get the Classic plan titles. And the only way to lose this plan is to cancel. But you can pause your subscription at any time.

Personally, The Humble Choice subscription makes sense. Giving you more choice in games. But also allowing for far better opportunity to pick up Linux games. Making this change a rather long overdue modification to the model. While giving you more Choice in the plans themselves.
So it’s not $12 per month anymore. These plans range from a Lite with Trove titles ($6.99 USD). To the Basic plan ($18.99 USD), including 3 titles and the Humble Trove bundle. To the full out Premium plan ($24.99 USD) that has everything.

Humble Choices subscription games

humble choice takes over for monthly games list on linux mac windows pc

What is the difference between Humble Choice and Humble Monthly? The Monthly bundle is a selection of titles sent to your email every month. Which offers over $100 USD worth of Steam games for just $12 USD. And as such, one or two games are revealed early. With the rest of the full line-up available once the bundle launches.

Whereas the Humble Choice bundle is far better. Allowing you to choose 9 out of the 10 games offered. Plus you will also Unlock Access to 90+ games in the Humble Trove. While receiving up to a 20% discount on thousands of titles on the Humble Store.

However, every game is yours to keep forever. And 5% of each month’s proceeds support charity. So the new change is welcoming indeed.
If you have not subscribed yet. Check out the latest Humble Choice is available now. Launching with regional pricing currencies: EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and NZD.

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