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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Brings ‘Epic’ Games, Gets Love from Linux Users

You can’t get more “good guy” than Humble Indie Bundle. The organization, which distributes bundles of independent games, let’s customers pay whatever they want, apportion their payment however they want (between developers, charity and Humble Indie Bundle) and install the games as many times as they want on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).


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Humble Indie Bundle 4 brings customers 5 “epic” games: Shank, Super Meat Boy, NightSky HD, Bit.Trip Runner and Jamestown. If users pay more than the average $5.02 amount, they will get two additional games: Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles.

As of 5:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 13, Humble Indie Bundle 4 claims to have raised over $500,000 through 107,000 purchases at an average payment of $5.03.

Its top three donors so far have given $3,500, $555 and $512.

The Humble Indie Bundle home page boasts of 29,000 tweets, 224,000 Facebook “likes,” 23,000 Google+ +1’s and 2,100 points on Reddit.

“The new Humble Indie Bundle 4 is kind of epic in every way,” tweeted @extralife.

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“Okay, this might be the best @humble bundle yet. 7 of my favorite indie games for under $5,” tweeted @acarboni.


Interestingly, Linux users were the most generous to Humble Indie Bundle 4, averaging $8.91 in payment per purchase.

The dearth of fun games for the Linux OS is a widely-noted situation. In November, a popular Slashdot discussion posed the question: “What’s Keeping You On Windows?”

“There are many more distributions for Linux, especially commercial options. Distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS have made GNU/Linux more friendly. Options for word processing, spreadsheets, etc. have grown,” stated the post.

One of the top responses to the question is the dominance of Windows in gaming and the dearth of good games of Linux.

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