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Humble Indie Bundle 9 and the Humble Weekly Sale Retro Shooters

An epic week for the Humble Team with not one but TWO big Humble Bundles. In the first hour of the Humble Indie Bundle 9 release, sales hit $250,000 with six radiant games. Among those games are two much anticipated titles, Mark of the Ninja, and FEZ, making their Linux debut. A great deal of thanks and congratulations to Klei Entertainment and Polytron for this release.

As always, The Humble Bundles are “pay what you want” for Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies, and Brütal Legend. If you choose to pay more than the average, you’ll also receive FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ! This truckload of games would normally cost you over $120, but Humble Indie Bundle 9 is letting you set your price for a magnificent multitude of games! And thats not all, this bundle also includes some divine soundtracks to soothe your ears.

Each of these DRM-free games works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be optionally redeemed on Steam (if your purchase is $1 or more). A bunch of soundtracks in lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats are also along for the ride!

Bundle buyers can also choose to benefit three amazing non-profits: the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Child’s Play Charity, and Watsi. With your help, we’ve raised over $23.5 million for charity!

The Humble Weekly Sale: Retro Shooters features six action-packed shooters that will get your adrenaline racing and your heart pumping! While two games Shadow Warrior Classic Redux and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition are supported on Linux, Mac, and PC.

So, pay $1 or more and get Steam keys for Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. Pay $6 or more and you’ll also get Hard Reset Extended Edition, and System Shock 2 (which happens to run quite nicely in WINE)!

Again, you can choose how you want your money to be allocated: to the developers and/or two fantastic charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity.

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