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Humble Indie Bundle Makes Over 2million, Linux Users Pledge Most

The 4th Humble Indie Bundle has surpassed $2 million this week. Are we really surprised, though?

The bundle, which includes a plethora of really, really good indie games, added five more titles to the bundle recently. If that wasn’t good enough value for money there, they’ve also included the soundtracks! And remember – it’s all DRM free, which means you can listen to that music when you want, where you want and how you want.

Linux users appear to be the most generous, with the average amount of $10.40. Mac users ranked second with an average offering of $7.56 for the bundle, and Windows users came in last with an average of $5.36. That being said, however, Windows users have made up the majority of sales, followed by Mac and finally Linux.

The game includes 12 indie titles, as well as their soundtracks, and lets you set your own price, with proceeds being split between developers, the bundle fund and charity. You can even choose how much of your payment goes to what – you are literally paying what you want to.

There’s still one day left, so if you haven’t already, head over to the Humble Bundle page and give a little.

If you’ve already got the bundle, they also make great gifts for others. I’d know – I was gifted the bundle about six times this year.

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