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Humble Indie Bundle open source games port for N9 or N900?

So a good number of the games that have been sold via the Humble Indie Bundles also give access to the source code. Has anyone thought of, or started to look into porting these for our beloved platform(s)?

Darwinia and Multiwinia both have had their source released to those who wish to buy it. I am not entirely sure how they would go about letting people distribute it though.

Aquaria, and Penumbra and Lugaru HD are also Open sourced.

Aquaria would run most epically on either the N9 or N900. Penumbra and Lugaru would probably require a bit of tweaking to get a playable interface down.

What I would really love to see is World of Goo ported, but I’m not sure how feasible that is. Maybe we should petition 2DBoy, they seem to have ported it for every other platform, and it supports single or multitouch on Linux already.

I want to start doing some ports myself, but unfortunately I probably need to know a bit more programming than I already do…which is a lot


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