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Humble Indie Bundle V Generates Five Million USD

The pay-what-you-want bundle has the most

impressive numbers yet

Humble Indie Bundle V ended today with the most impressive numbers yet.

Here’s the run-down on Humble Indie Bundle V, the two-week pay-what-you-want DRM-free multi-platform game collection:

– Total payments of $5,105,947.73 USD
– 598,906 purchases
– $8.53 average purchase price
– $7.97 Windows average purchase price
– $9.99 Mac OS X average purchase price
– $12.50 Linux average purchase price
– $13,167.84 top contribution

It took just one day for this indie game collection to generate two million dollars, four more days to make three million dollars, and four more days beyond that for another million dollars. This is now the highest grossing indie bundle game offering at over five million dollars with the previous bundle generating just $2.37M USD. This posting covers the game details that made up this latest offering.

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