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Humble Introversion Bundle adds to holiday gaming madness

In an effort to make November even more ridiculous for gamers, The Humble Indie team has just released yet another mega-pack: the Humble Introversion Bundle.

The name-your-own price promotion contains four titles from British studio Introversion:

A lo-fi action/RTS set in a tron-like virtual world, you control armies of little 2d people who blast away an invading virus.

The multi-player follow-up to Darwinia, with multiple competitive game modes for one to four players.

Mutually-assured destruction is the name of the game in this multiplayer strategy title that feels like a mashup of the movie Wargames and the fictional board-gme Nuke ‘em from Robocop.

You’re a l33t hax0r in this cyberpunk simulator, where you invade secure systems and deploy clever coding tricks to evade detection and capture.


Customers paying more than the average ($3.39 at presstime) will receive two previous Humble Indie favorites for free: Crayon Physics Deluxe and Aquaria. Techie types will also appreciate the included Bonus Prototypes: Subversion City Generator and Voxel Tech Demo, both Windows-only.

As always, the main titles in the collection are playable on Windows, Mac and Linux, contain no DRM, and integrate with popular game-management platforms such as Steam. In addition to setting the price, customers can also determine the distribution of their payment among the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Child’s Play Charity, and a Humble Indie tip jar.

The Early Bird

Strategically speaking, it’s often a good bet to buy early in the promotion, as Humble bundles are notorious for adding additional games and goodies throughout their two-week lifespan. So if you can squeeze in a little more gaming in your holiday (or just want to support the indie devs and charities), then jump onboard now for the best value.

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