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Humble Paradox Management Bundle debuts

humble paradox management bundle releases for linux mac windows pc

Humble Paradox Management Bundle releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Paradox Interactive and the Humble Bundle team. Bringing you a 100% Linux game bundle. It’s so pretty.

Humble Paradox Management Bundle brings you a heap of awesome games. While celebrating the early access launch of Surviving The Aftermath on the Humble Store. Which is only available on Windows PC, sadly.
But the Humble Team has a handful of the very best management games. All of which are available thanks to Paradox Interactive. Including Cities: Skylines – Industries and Surviving Mars: Digital Deluxe Edition. And also Prison Architect, the newest acquisition for Paradox. Plus, your purchase will support a charity of your choice.

The Humble Paradox Management Bundle $1 USD tier nets you some decent games. Such as Prison Architect, Prison Architect – Aficionado, and Cities in Motion 1 & 2.

Humble Paradox Management Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

humble paradox management bundle debuts games for linux mac windows pc

Therefore, if you increase your contribution. The “Beat the Average” tier (currently $7.41 USD) is worth a look. Since you get most of the Cities Skylines content. As well as Cities in Motion DLC.

Whereas the top $18 USD tier includes some great Surviving Mars content. Plus a Cities: Skylines – Industries DLC. There are also better tier options in this bundle. Giving you more range of choice, depending on the year of release. As opposed to trying to frustrate buyers with staggering content. It seems some strategy went into the Humble Paradox Management Bundle. Since the total cost of these games are as much as $247 USD. But as usual, you choose the price.

All of the games are available on Steam. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
But you can certainly support a charity as well. Choosing where the money goes. So either between the publisher and a charity of your choice. Or you can also leave a Humble Tip too.
Although chances are, you’re going to end up with extra Steam codes.

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