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Humble RPG Bundle releases gaming goodness

humble rpg bundle releases gaming goodness for linux mac windows pc

Humble RPG Bundle releases with games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the Humble Team. Launching a few great games for Linux. Actually there are some pretty good games in this bundle.

Humble RPG Bundle takes on a new form. So you can take off for some RPG adventure. Play as a puzzle solving teen snatched out of her time in HIVESWAP: Act 1. Search for your catnapped sister in the world of Cat Quest. Take on the role as a trigger-happy mercenary on Pandora in Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced. Actually Borderlands has a Silver status on ProtonDB.

So you can pay $1 or more. Since the total cost for the games in the Humble RPG Bundle is $145 USD. Of course, the Humble Bundle team lets you choose the price. Since you can increase your contribution. And upgrade your bundle. Personally the “beat the average” tier seems to cover all major Linux games.

Humble RPG Bundle

humble rpg bundle releases gaming goodness for linux mac windows pc list
Likewise, if you don’t own Pillar of Eternity or Tyranny. This is the best chance to get both games dirt cheap. Since you can’t really ask for a better price.

All games in the Humble RPG Bundle are available on Steam. With releases for Windows PC and some for Linux and Mac. Actually there are four of the seven listed games for Linux. So not too bad. Naturally, I’d prefer 100% native support.

As per usual, your bundle purchase will support charity. While choosing where the money goes. This be between the publishers and a charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund. Or simply issuing a Humble Tip if you prefer. It’s up to you.

Humble RPG Bundle will be live through to September 24. So you have some time. But if you plan on picking up the “beat the average” tier. It’s best to due so while the priced is low. Currently at $4.07 USD.