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Humble Staff Picks Bundle of games arrives

Humble Staff Picks Bundle of games arrives for linux mac windows games

Humble Staff Picks Bundle kicks off 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this bundle includes some popular games. Such as BioShock Infinite and Punch Club. Hence officially titled the Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Scribble. Also introducing a crayon dog who apparently chose everything for this bundle. Which might explain said Linux support?

So mostpeople might be drawn to this bundle. Hence the amicable list of native games. As mentioned Bioshock Infinite, SHENZHEN I/O, and Aragami are solid choices for Linux. That is if you do not already own said games. Personally I’m a fan of Aragami co-op gameplay. While the Bioshock Infinite port is good too.

Pay what you want. Normally, the games would normally cost players $102 for only $12 at the max tier.

Redeem on Steam and DRM-Free. All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows. While most for Linux and Mac as well. All of the games except Bioshock Infinite and Punch Club are also available DRM-free. Pay $1 or more to access Steam keys.  So depending on how badly you want Shenzen I/O. The bundle is worth a buy if you beat the average.

Humble Staff Picks Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Humble Staff Picks Bundle of games arrives for linux mac windows games list

For only $1, here’s what you get:

  • Tempest
  • Tempest Soundtrack
  • LiEat
  • LiEat Soundtrack
  • Punch Club

If you pay more than the average (which is still under $6 at the time of this writing), net yourself the following:

  • Aragami
  • Aragami Soundtrack
  • Beholder
  • BioShock Infinite

Finally, paying $12 will garner these games:

  • Shenzhen I/O
  • $2 Humble Wallet Credit if Subscribed to Humble Monthly

So as usually, you choose where the money goes. This bundle will be live for the next thirteen days. As well as a discount the Humble Monthly.

So be sure to check out it. Last year was a pretty big year for Humble Bundle team. They began to publish new titles, raise $100 million for charity and acquired by the owners of IGN.