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Humble Sweet Farm Bundle kicks off

humble wweet farm bundle kicks off for linux mac windows pc

Humble Sweet Farm Bundle is now live with Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks for to the good folks at the Humble Bundle Team. So now all those overgrown fields can take shape. While you bring your best farming expertise.

Humble Sweet Farm Bundle certainly comes with some great games. So you can thrive in Stardew Valley. Create some competitive madness in Ultimate Chicken Horse. And shape your own species of animals in Niche – a genetics survival game.

Your purchase will also support Sweet Farm. The first non-profit sanctuary in the world. Which addresses the impacts of factory farming across animals, plants, and the planet.

So now it’s time to live off the land (video game style). Kick off 2020 with a bundle full of games. Featuring mysterious worlds and colorful creatures. Turning those overgrown fields into a thriving home in Stardew Valley. Shape your own species of animals in Niche – the genetics survival game. And enjoy the relaxing nature simulation experience of Equilinox.

Humble Sweet Farm Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

humble wweet farm bundle game list for linux mac windows pc

Pay $1 (about CA$1.30) or more for the bundle. Since the bundle normally totals as much as $92 USD. But the Humble Bundle team let you choose the price. So you can increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle. Pay $1 or more to access Steam keys. The only two games that do not have Linux support are Samorost 3 and MagiCat. Which both have solid support via Proton.

Some of the Humble Sweet Farm Bundle games are DRM-Free. All of the titles in this bundle are available on Steam. With support for Windows PC, with most including Linux and Mac builds too. Samorost 3 and MagiCat are the DRM-Free games. So if you do not want to run the games via Proton. There is always Wine.

Support charity with the Humble Sweet Farm Bundle. Choosing where the money goes. So either between the publishers and Sweet Farm via the PayPal Giving Fund. The chances are you will certainly find some good gaming in the mix.