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Humble Take Control Bundle offers some support

humble take control bundle offers some support with games for linux mac and windows pc

Humble Take Control Bundle offers some support with games for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of the Humble Team. Offering a chance to make you a pilot in this aviator bundle of great games.

Humble Take Control Bundle put you in the pilot seat. While having you hop into the cockpit and go full throttle with HOTAS-ready games. Such as Overload and two DLCs for the free to play War Thunder. These are the USA Pacific Campaign (YP-38) and the Japanese Pacific Campaign. Plus, your purchase helps support a charity of your choice. Well, in this case, the bundle supports Covenant House.

Since it’s been some time that we even posted news about a Humble Bundle. Humble Take Control Bundle is the first to offer content that has decent’ish support for Linux. But also offers games that are playable via Proton.

While the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $192 USD. As per usual, you choose the price and increase your offer to upgrade your bundle. Humble Take Control Bundle has a minimum $1 USD purchase. The “beat the average” price is actually much closer to the $12 mark. So this means you can grab the full bundle for a couple more dollars, literally.

Pay $1 and get:

Beat the Average to add:

  • Overload
  • Elite Dangerous (with Proton)

Humble Take Control Bundle games

humble take control bundle offers some support with games list for linux mac and windows pc

$12 USD Tier to add:

  • EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone (with Proton)
  • Heliborne Collection (OST included)
  • War Thunder – USA Pacific Campaign (YP-38) DLC
  • War Thunder – Japanese Pacific Campaign
  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (with Proton)

So, all of the games in Humble Take Control Bundle are available on Steam for Windows PC. Likewise, there are some for Linux and Mac, but make sure to check out the Proton links. While there may be something that catches your attention, the support may vary.

Humble Take Control Bundle charity

As always, this bundle supports charity. So you can choose where the money goes – between the publishers and a charity of your choice via PayPal Giving Fund. Letting you become a pilot in this aviator bundle.

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