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Humble Weekly Bundle has some games for the grey matter


The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is designed to test your squishy #brain matter, offering up to seven puzzler #games for a price that you choose. But don’t let that fool you.

Pay $1 or more for the bundle and you will get Steam keys for BulkyPix’s typographic adventure game Type:Rider (Linux, Mac, Windows), Ovos’ spacefaring puzzler Ludwig (Windows), and botany-themed breed-’em-up Crazy Plant Shop (Windows). Toss in a few dollars more to beat the average (currently $5.84) and receive Draknek’s chemistry puzzler Sokobond (Linux, Mac, Windows) and Three Flip Studios’ language-learning game Influent (Linux, Mac, Windows).

Purchases of $9 or more will additionally unlock Spotkin’s Contraption Maker (Windows, Mac) and Little Worlds’ Counting Kingdom (Windows, Mac). The bundle will be up for grabs through October 30.


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