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Humble Weekly Bundle: Roguelikes 2 now available

The latest bundle Humble Weekly Bundle: Roguelikes 2 #launched yesterday. With anywhere from three to six #roguelike‘s depending on how much you spend. Including such Linux, Mac and Windows PC titles as The Nightmare Cooperative, A Wizard’s Lizard, and Delver.

Giving you the usual Humble deal: you pay-what-you-want above $1. Which gives you DRM-free versions and Steam keys when available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. As you probably already know, dividing the money between the developers, Humble team, and charity as you choose, and paying more gets you more games.

A Wizard’s Lizard Trailer

At least $1 USD will get you A Wizard’s Lizard (Linux, Mac and Windows PC), The Nightmare Cooperative (Linux, Mac and Windows PC), and Vertical Drop Heroes HD (Windows PC and Mac). Beating the average, which is $4.88 USD as of writing, gets you Road Not Taken (Windows PC and Mac) and Early Access to Delver (Linux, Mac and Windows PC). And for $8 USD or more and get Heavy Bullets (Linux, Mac and Windows PC), which will get you two Steam keys, one for yourself and one for a friend, along with the soundtrack.

The Nightmare Cooperative Trailer

Delver Trailer

In this Bundle Humble Weekly Bundle: Roguelikes 2, Linux Game News has already had our hands on The Nightmare Cooperative awhile ago. Which we highly recommend if you are really into multiplayer’s. If you want to pay $8 or more for some singleplayer, Heavy Bullets will definitely keep you busy.

Honestly, this is quite a bundle this good list of roguelike’s and we are impressed with A Wizard’s Lizard  and Delver, even though the latter is still in Early Access?

Heavy Bullets