Humble Wild Frontier Bundle kicks off with some Linux

humble wild frontier bundle kicks off with some linux in gaming news

Typically, when we issue gaming news for Humble Bundles there are a couple of Linux titles. Well in the Humble Wild Frontier Bundle we have five out of seven games available for Linux. And not just any #games, there is some all out very positive ratings in the mix this time. Making for another Humble #musthave #bundle.

So explore the latest game bundle. Whether you’re hungry for some ice fishing. Crave some off-road adventure or want to take on the wild wild west, it’s all here.
Pay what you want for Gods Will Be Watching (Linux, Mac and Windows), Ice Lakes (Linux, Mac and Windows) and FRONTIERS (Windows).

While this might test your interests. Take a leap into Hard West (Linux, Mac and Windows), Renowned Explorers: International Society (Linux, Mac and Windows) or SPINTIRES (Windows).

Personally, having play most of the games here, except for Frontiers and Ice Lakes. I can honestly admit that all of these titles are well worth playing. Each having their own challenge and unique twists.

humble wild frontier bundle linux mac windows pc

Humble Wild Frontier Bundle also comes with the higher tier including Slime Rancher. Which I have not played but has some Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Yet I’m still on the fence about it, due to being a singleplayer game. Having come from the FPS genre, I prefer more multiplayer type of games.

So pay what you want, since the total cost for all of these games is roughly $129 USD. And the usual news, the Humble Bundle team let’s you choose the price.

All of the games in Humble Wild Frontier Bundle can be redeemed on Steam. While five out of the seven available games are for Linux and Mac gaming. The rest are playable on Windows PC.

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