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Hunt the Night action adventure review

hunt the night is retro-style action adventure game worth the review on linux via proton with windows pc

Hunt the Night is retro-style action adventure game worth the review on Linux via Proton (Windows PC). Moonlight Games is the team behind these really creative ideas to keep players immersed. Available on Steam and Humble Store.

Hunt the Night is a game about a girl named Vesper trying to make up for her father’s mistakes by completing missions for a group called The Stalkers. But she has to do more than this, since the world is in a bad place. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and there are these dangerous creatures to bring an end to the Night. Vesper is the only one who can fight them, but other people do help her. There are also other characters in the story who have their own stories and backgrounds that you will learn about.

The review discusses Hunt the Night being played on Linux. The game is using Unity 3D, so in this case, it is easy to review via Proton 7.0-6. If you want to play the game on Linux, it’s best to use a controller that is wired, due to take on the game without interruption. Things get intense.

Hunt the Night is kind of like La Mulana. Where the player can go wherever you want. While the people you talk to will give you clues about where to go. But there’s not a lot of guidance, so Linux gamers will have to figure things out on their own. There are puzzles that you have to solve to progress through the story, and some of them are tough. But you can find feathers that you can review with details for how to solve them.

Hunt the Night – Release Date Trailer

The game is also really difficult in general. You have to fight various enemies, and they have unique attacks that can kill you if you’re not mindful. In Hunt the Night, you have to dodge their attacks, but it’s hard to do so with Vesper’s hitbox being bigger than you might expect. There are save points that you can use to heal yourself and fast travel, but they can be far apart. You can customize your character and upgrade your weapons and abilities to help you survive. Although it still feels like the enemies are stronger than you.

Hunt the Night is the type of game that takes some time to adapt. The dodging system is tricky, but you’ll have to learn it if you want to stay alive. There’s a gauge that goes down each time you dodge, but it fills up pretty fast. However, it can be hard to dodge due to your character’s hitbox since attacks can be tough to avoid.

The game is challenging, but there are ways to customize and upgrade your character to survive longer. You can equip weapons, use magic, wear different clothes, and use a Moonstone to give you special powers. However, you can only have one of each item equipped at a time. So you can’t just stack a bunch of power-ups to cheat the game.

hunt the night inventory screenshot on linux via proton

The combat in Hunt the Night is really well-designed. There are audio and visual cues that let you know when enemies are about to attack. This also helps you time your dodges. The bosses are especially tough, but they’re also really unique to fight with their own uncommon attacks and abilities.

Take on Hunts:

In addition to the main story missions, there are also hunts you can go on to fight powerful enemies and earn rewards. You can also take on missions from people in the towns you visit. These also give you hints about things to discover in the game world.

Speaking of the game world, it’s very well done for a retro-style action adventure game. The pixel art is beautiful, and the enemy designs are creepy and foul, in a good way. There’s also a lot of lore to discover if you take the time to explore and read everything. Plus Hunt the Night runs smoothly on Linux via Proton. Moonlight Games really need to refocus and launch a native build, it’s worth it.

Overall, Hunt the Night is a challenging but rewarding game to review. One that will test your skills as a Linux gamer. You’ll die a lot, but you’ll also learn a lot and get better with each try. The world is fascinating and full of secrets to discover, and the combat is intense and exciting. If you’re up for a tough challenge, this is definitely a game worth checking out. A solid 8.5/10 for this Linux gamer, minus a point or so, for the lack of native support.

The retro-style action adventure game is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75 / 19,50€.

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hunt the night game screenshot on linux