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Husband & Wife Team Robot Loves Kitty Ready To Release Legend of Dungeon

Robot Loves Kitty is a husband and wife game development team who used to live in a treehouse to save money. They started a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise just enough money to buy a decent laptop and a copy of Unity to develop the game. They ultimately raised 650 percent of their initial request, making things easier, yet much more complex, than they’d ever planned.

“I can’t believe it’s so popular,” said Alix Stolzer, the wife half of the Robot Loves Kitty development team. She also does some of the artwork, the story, and does PR for the game. The extra funding enabled the team to rent a tiny apartment and pay for internet, but it also requires them to create more features than they initially planned.

“That just makes the game twenty times more awesome,” said Stolzer. “All of the custom stuff made the game that much better, but we did have to release the game later than we’d hoped.”

Legend of Dungeon is a four player cooperative Rogue-like-like beat-em-up game with gorgeous pixel art and some pretty slick-looking dynamic lighting and environments. The music and the dungeons are procedurally generated on the fly, so no two games are the same. We demoed the game for a bit on a computer at the booth, battling snakes, bats, and zombies while continuing our journey down, down, down into the dungeon. PLaying with a partner is the killer feature here, and you’ll be able to plug in any Mac-compatible gaming controller or just use the keyboard to get around.

Sounds good, right? It feels good to play, too, which is what makes us so excited for the launch in two weeks. Stay tuned for a full review then, and be sure to visit the Legend of Dungeon website in the meantime.

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