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Hyper-5 cinematic shmup truly tests your skills

hyper-5 cinematic shmup game truly tests your skills on windows pc but also on linux

Hyper-5 cinematic shmup truly tests your skills on Windows PC, but also on Linux. Thanks to the creativity and details from developer Hyper Productions. Which is now available on both Steam and Itch.

Hyper Productions is pleased to announce the release of Hyper-5. They’re cinematic shmup inspired by classics from the “golden era” of the 90’s. Responding to a distress beacon, deep space scout ship Hyper-5 is drawn into a terrifying battle with an unknown enemy.

The game features five unique settings, each with its own challenges. Battle in air, over land, and underwater. There are over forty different kinds of enemies, including five unique bosses. Return to the action to conquer the enemy and the clock in two bonus Time Trial missions. I’ts a true test for players who think they have the skills for it. Doing so in a classic style but with modern graphics, responsive mechanics, and seamless controller support.

Yes, for those interests, Hyper-5 is due to arrive on Linux. According to the email from Hyper Productions, its going to happen.

Yes, definitely I have a native Linux build on the to do list.

Due note, there is also a Discussion post on Steam outlining interest. But the developer is currently caught up in “promotional activities” and not able to port, just yet. However, testing Hyper-5 via Proton 6.3-8, it works at an impressive platinum level. This should also make porting to Linux far easier, since the cut-scenes work nicely as well.

Hyper-5 – Available now at Steam &

A novel in-game challenge system is due to unlock over twenty different weapon systems. As well as ship upgrades, gallery entries. and Steam achievements. Hyper-5 suits all skill levels offering both Progression and Precision play styles. While offering up something for experts for sure, similar to that of Cuphead type challenges. Even the more notive play style is a test in and of it self. So venture into the story line and discover the fate of Hyper-5. Test yourself in Arcade Mode and earn your rank in the online global leaderboard.


  • Five Unique settings
    Each of the five levels have their own distinct setting to test you. Battle the enemy in air, over land, and underwater. In total you will encounter over forty different kinds of enemies. Including five unique bosses.
  • Challenge-based Progression System
    Complete in-game challenges to unlock over twenty weapon systems. Setup your loadout and upgrade your weapons in the Armoury!
  • Time Trial Missions
    Return to the battlefield to conquer the enemy and the clock in two bonus Time Trial missions!
  • Includes Soundtrack!
    Includes twelve extended mixes of the key musical pieces coming with Hyper-5. Available in MP3 and high-quality FLAC. Total playing time 41:08.

Both Steam and Itch offer a free demo Hyper-5 download and the full game. While currenlty only available for Windows PC, the games coming to Linux as well. Priced at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 8,19€. But certainly worth playing.

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