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Hyper Gunsport arcade action game has a Demo

hyper gunsport arcade action game has a demo for linux and windows pc

Hyper Gunsport arcade action game has a Demo for Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the efforts and cyberpunk mayhem behind developer Necrosoft Games. Available now on Steam.

Necrosoft Games are eager to to announce that Hyper Gunsport is part of Steam Next Fest with an all new demo. The demo is available now for the duration of Steam Next Fest, until Monday, June 20th. The team is proud to be part of this exciting celebration of upcoming games.

The Hyper Gunsport demo is ready to showcase the game’s unique hybrid elements. And also its twist on the TPS genre. Part volleyball, part skeet shooting, and all fun. Since Hyper Gunsport takes place in a future where humans have grown tired of conflict. So now all weapons have been banned. Disputes between folks are now settled with GUNSPORT. Where guns are now only useful for one thing: To shoot a ball into a goal.

Hyper Gunsport announcement Trailer

Hyper Gunsport is a competitive but new player friendly sport-’em-up sequel to the original. Now with more teams, more arenas, and more Gunsporting action than ever before. Similar to classics like Windjammers, Towerfall, Sportsfriends, and NBA Jam. Gameplay is the sports mashup volleyball players AND skeet shooters wish they thought of.

Each arena is unique as well, with its own gimmicks, from goals that open and close or change point values. All due to moving nets, and even unstable footing. Rewards precision shooting for the hardcore minded. But is also friendly to new players who just want to have a good time.

Hyper Gunsport has singleplayer and co-op story mode. As well as multiplayer versus mode, with AI to supplement when no additional real-life players are available. Story mode has cutscenes at the beginning and end of an 8-round tournament, all unique per team. There are 7 teams with unique weapons, and 7 stages with unique gimmicks.

Hyper Gunsport arcade action game Demo is love for Linux and Windows PC via Steam. Due to make its way onto Mac as well.

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