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Hyper Ultra Astronautics update adds scorematch

hyper ultra astronautics update adds scorematch for linux windows pc

Hyper Ultra Astronautics latest update adds scorematch for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer FRACTiLE Games. The one man indie dev. Who just updated the game now on

Hyper Ultra Astronautics has a new update. But also brings about bug fixes. And as a result, two completely new game modes to the local multiplayer shoot’em up.

This update adds a scorematch game mode. And above all, its a team based variant. So now, individual players or teams compete with each other. While trying to reach and set the target score first. In addition to taking out enemy drones for points. Killing a competing player will drop part of the player’s or team’s score.

Hyper Ultra Astronautics gameplay trailer

Also, if you don’t know Hyper Ultra Astronautics. This is an intense space arena shoot’em up. And above all, designed from ground up as a party couch game. Gameplay features solo, competitive and co-op game modes. Likewise, there is a selection of unique weapons and thruster based controls. Even more, you can play using keyboard, mouse, or gamepads. You can even use your mobile device as a controller.

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is a physics based local multiplayer game. Offering up both co-op and competitive game modes for 1-16 players. Not to mention you can run the game on almost any PC. Which is why that Linux stability makes gaming far more affective. Plus the games also available on Windows PC. You certainly name the price of your choosing. Find out more one the official website.

Feel free to leave feedback or bug reports on the discussion board. Or simply contact directly via email or using the web form.

You can check out the current Hyper Ultra Astronautics co-op survival mode high scores here.

FRACTiLE Games is a one-man indie game developer from Finland. Also responsible for many shooter games Such as Molez, Final Duel, and Lockdown Protocol. Starting out way back in 1996.

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