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HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed release and support

hypercharge unboxed release and support for linux windows pc

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed release is coming for Windows PC but so is Linux support. According to developer Digital Cybercherries. Since the games has solid following and a 90% Very Positive review rating. Still available right now with a discount on Humble Store. And still in Early Access on Steam.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed just received a huge update for their toy-based shooter. Which also happened just in time for Halloween. The Plague has players running for their little plastic lives. So the green fire still burns. Those who are contaminated with the plague, will find you. Unless you can outrun them.

Since you’re a small plastic soldier with a big mission. That mission? Construct turrets, build defenses, and protect the HYPER-CORE. Likewise, the biggest battles require the smallest soldiers. Even on Linux.

Linux Support:

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed runs on UE4. We do plan to support Linux, hopefully after full release. But this is all dependent on how well the game is received on Switch and Windows PC. We are releasing Unboxed on PC Q1 2020.

So back in January of 2019, the developer commented. Stating that “we’re hoping to add Linux support to the game. It’s looking likely.”
Therefore, given the popularity and the success of Early Access. The Linux port is “looking likely” indeed. Plus Digital Cybercherries seems to encourage the idea. Although not until full release.
They also mention Proton success in their email to me. Which holds solid Platinum support across the board.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed The Plague: Official Gameplay Trailer

Fight for your plastic little lives in HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. While you take on an epic mission with up to 3 of your friends. Your task, soldier, is to prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed. If it’s destroyed, you can kiss your human friends goodbye.
It’ll be like we never existed! Don’t let that happen, soldier – we’re depending on YOU. Work together, and keep that HYPER-CORE operational! Work together and win, for the future of toys everywhere.
While the game itself reminds of World of Padman. It also mixes in some Mean Greens too.


  • Multiplayer! Defend the HYPER-CORE by yourself or with up to 3 of your friends in Online & Local Co-op.
  • Fortify! Build turrets, traps, walls & fight off evil hordes of weaponised toys.
  • Progression! Earn XP in HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. Then unlock skins, customise your action figure and weapon.
  • Locations! Fight across suburban battlefields (you’ve never seen your kitchen quite like this)
  • Split screen! Buddy up on the sofa, and blast the enemy as a team!
  • Controller! Prefer to use a controller to mop up bad guys? No problem. Plug in and play!

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed will also leave Early Access in Q1 2020. Available right with a 10% discount on Humble Store. Or full price on Steam at $14.99 USD. Built for Windows PC, but playable on Linux via Proton.

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