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Hyperspace Dogfights shooter releases

hyperspace dogfights roguelike shooter releases in linux windows games

Hyperspace Dogfights the roguelike shooter releases on Linux and Windows via Steam. Where your adaptive hyper-jet burst through the upper cloud layer. While bearing down on the military machine of a doomed planet.

Out-boost your enemies, use gravity to your advantage. Then hyperspace-dodge through projectiles when things get crazy.

The craft is soon setup with a weird combination of sci-fi gear. And also behaves unlike any other you flew before. Every time you play that is. Which is similar to that of the classic Asteroids.

Since players can make your jet stronger and stranger. Gather up some of the 150+ currently available passive and active items. Use over 50 randomly modified weapons against your opponent. While including aerial melee options. So it’s way better than Asteroids.

Hyperspace Dogfights Shooter Launch Trailer (Linux, Windows)

So after 18 months in development, the 1.0 release of is here. Sleeper Games’ jet-combat roguelike will hit Steam in May. The 2d air-brawler focuses on juicy, impact air-combat and strong replayability. Player jets will also shoot (or melee) their way through masses of air and ground based enemies.

While playing across 7 zones, culminating in tight escape jumps. And of course fierce boss battles. In-between waves there are hundreds of items and weapons to find. Continuously modifying player jets across each unique playthrough. All of this comes accompanied by a chilled, 16 track OST by ENUIT and Ole Toensen.

During its one year long Ace Access program on The game also received continuous alpha updates. Additional wave goals, multiple player crafts to unlock and even more jet gear. All making their way into the game. Alongside changes based on alpha feedback all maing their way into the game in the last third of its development.

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Hyperspace Dogfights shooter is available now on Steam priced at $9.99 USD. Including a 10% discount until May 21st.

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