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Hypnospace Outlaw internet simulator release

hypnospace outlaw internet simulator release in linux mac windows games

Hypnospace Outlaw internet simulator release is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. An alternate reality ’90s sim from Jay Tholen. The loveable, absolutely bananas mind of the Dropsy creator. The games also launching on Steam and GOG, March 12 for $19.99 USD.

Nominated for three Independent Games Festival Awards. Also including the coveted Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Hypnospace Outlaw puts players in the role of an Internet Enforcer. So you have to search the world wide web for clues of hassles. Also patent violations and illegal activity. As well as banned commerce.

Hypnospace Outlaw Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Hypnospace users use their patented Hypnospace Headband. You can log on while asleep. This also allows you to surf the web and earn Hypnocoins. Even while fast asleep. Yeah this is going to crazy gameplay. I think Jay Tholen is a little bent, don’t you?

While on your journey you’ll find colorful characters. Also groovy GIFs, obnoxious screensavers, and many more wonders. But watch out for adware, viruses, and hackers. Since they will make your browsing experience far more complicated. Apparently you are not using a Linux PC in Hypnospace Outlaw. I think Jay Tholen needs to fix that.

Hypnospace Outlaw comes packed with a soundtrack. Quite frankly a ridiculous soundtrack. Full of fake music and bands that could easily have existed in the 90’s. Including tracks from hybrid rock rap outfit Seepage. Also Swedish jazz rock group Klyfta. And hard rock group Chowder Man and The Boys.

Also, Hypnospace Outlaw is published by No More Robots. The British publishing label behind Descenders, Not Tonight and Family Man. And developed by Tendershoot.

Hypnospace Outlaw internet simulator is coming March 12th. Also priced at $19.99 USD. With a release on Steam and GOG. Including support for Linux, Mac and Windows. So get ready for some crazy weird gameplay. That will also likely be really fun, thanks Jay Tholen.

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