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ICEBOX Speedgunner officially on Linux now

icebox speedgunner playtesters on linux windows games 2017

Developer Games Of Edan just announced the release of ICEBOX Speedgunner. So the games now officially available on Steam for Linux and Mac in 2017. This is after following last month’s Windows release.
Therefore players on all platforms can now compete together. Working to become the Ultimate Speedgunner. Which is actually a unique yet challenging first-person game. Since gameplay incorporates say SuperHot and SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell.

ICEBOX Speedgunner sees the player carving a path. While bringing about a brand new 3D Platforming FPS. Completely with cutting corners, dodging obstacles and eliminating guards. All in a battle to escape the ICEBOX. Doing so before it’s permanently shut down. Players will race the clock, hunt the Central AI and leverage run-and-gun gameplay. Also navigating a digital labyrinth. Then top the global leaderboards and become the Ultimate Speedgunner. Inspired by the “Brain in a Vat” thought-experiment. The game explores the concept of escaping your own virtual prison.

ICEBOX Speedgunner Trailer:

ICEBOX Speedgunner Features:

  • SPEEDRUNNING: Race the clock to become the Ultimate Speedgunner
  • RUN-AND-GUN: 3D platforming combined with fast-and-light FPS
  • GLITCH MODE: Manipulate time, gravity and engage protective shields
  • DOUBLE-JUMPS: Carve an ice-cool path using double-jumps
  • DYNAMIC MUSIC: Dynamically managed using an ‘intensity’ meter
  • IN GAME NARRATOR: Get assistance from an outside hacker
  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare your mastery on the global leaderboards
  • GAME+ MODE: Random World Seeds, Dash Boost and Free Fligh

Since ICEBOX Speedgunner went through some Linux testing. The games actually quite smooth. Even in the Linux Beta we were able to play without a hitch. Well maybe one graphic issue, yet that’s more of a Unity 3D issue.
So I have to give props to Games Of Edan for their effort. We see some developers holding off with native support. Yet this is one developer keen to continue the games hype. And they did so involving the Linux gaming community directly.

ICEBOX Speedgunner is now officially available on Linux and Mac for 2017. The games release can be found on Steam. There is an Itch listing, but this only supports Windows.

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