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ICEBOX: Speedgunner play-testers on Linux?

icebox: speedgunner play-testers on linux windows games 2017

Since developer Games Of Edan announced the release of ICEBOX: Speedgunner. The games debut hit Steam on October 18th 2017 for Windows. ICEBOX: Speedgunner is available with a 10% discount on Windows via Steam.
So, what about Linux support?

“Hi Todd,

I want to get a version out for Mac/Linux as soon as possible. But it will require more play-testers before it can go live.
So I’ll be inviting interested players to join in a test branch next week. And then we can progress from there.”

Therefore, for those keen to maximise your run and gun gameplay. Sign up for Linux play testing via the Steam Discussion.

“Playtesters will be given a private “Beta Testing Key” to access the test branches where they’ll be able to download directly via Steam.”

So I have to admit, the gameplay reminds me of SEUM, but with guns. There it’s a different challenge and that time based limit keeps things interesting. Well worth checking out for play-testers. Also giving off a Superhot vibe as well.
Also, make sure to check out the SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon expansion. It’s available now, hence a Halloween update.

ICEBOX:Speedgunner sees the player carving an ice-cool path through a brand new 3D Platforming FPS. Cutting corners, dodging obstacles & eliminating guards. In the games battle to escape the ICEBOX before it’s permanently shut down. The player will race the clock, hunt the Central AI. And leveragerun-and-gun gameplay to navigate a digital labyrinth. While you top the global leaderboards and become the Ultimate Speedgunner. Inspired by the “Brain in a Vat” thought-experiment. The game explores the concept of escaping your own virtual prison.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner Trailer:

Sam is the architect of the ICEBOX. A covert technology designed to control the human mind. But he always feared his invention may fall into the wrong hands. So he planted secret backdoors as insurance against any personal incarceration. On the eve of final testing, the technology is stolen and Sam’s son gets taken. The child’s brain was wired into the ICEBOX in a failed attempt to decrypt the system. The child was soon forgotten, resigned to a protracted hibernation.

After years of inactivity, the ICEBOX was suddenly restarted…

The player is cast as Sam’s son, initially trapped inside the ICEBOX. But with the help of an outside hacker, they’ll embark on a quest to destroy the Central AI and escape the ICEBOX before time runs out.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner Highlights:

  • SPEEDRUNNINGRace the clock to become the Ultimate Speedgunner
  • RUN-AND-GUN3D platforming combined with fast-and-light FPS
  • GLITCH MODEManipulate time, gravity and engage protective shields
  • DOUBLE-JUMPSCarve an ice-cool path using double-jumps
  • DYNAMIC MUSICDynamically managed using an ‘intensity’ meter
  • IN GAME NARRATOR: Get assistance from an outside hacker
  • LEADERBOARDSCompare your mastery on the global leaderboards
  • GAME+ MODERandom World Seeds, Dash Boost and Free Flight

ICEBOX: Speedgunner released last week on Steam for $9.99 USD, plus a 10% discount. The games only available for Windows. So if you want to be one of the play-testers, get in on it.