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ICEBOX: Speedgunnner wants Linux Testers

icebox: speedgunner wants linux testers for the games 2017 release

Since developer Games Of Edan announced the coming Linux release of ICEBOX: Speedgunnner. The games launch hit October 18th 2017 for Windows. So now, developer Games Of Edan is looking for a few good gamers. That is, if you are up for the challenge?

Linux testers invite for ICEBOX: Speedgunnner:

“I’m after a handful of interested players to become Mac/Linux testers. Once selected, I’ll issue Steam Beta Keys. Your name will later be included in the credits as an official tester.”

ICEBOX: Speedgunnner on your Linux or Mac. So please send an email with your details, including:

  • Name as you’d like it to be in the credits (an alias is ok)
  • Your age (decade is fine, eg. 20’s, 30’s)
  • Any previous testing experience

ICEBOX: Speedgunner Trailer:

So players will get to complete the Main Campaign. Or at least give it your best attempt. Since this can be done in one evening. And if you have time, try out other modes too. This will have to be done as soon as you receive your Steam Beta Key. Games Of Edan wants to make sure the Linux and Mac releases are live as soon as possible. That being said, this request is for those genuinely eager to accept the challenge. As gameplay mixes Superhot with say SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell.

I have to give props to Games Of Edan for their timely effort. Seriously, we see some developers holding off with native support. Yet this is one developer eager to continue the games hype. And they are smart, preparing a Linux build by involving the community directly. The question is, can you handle the challenge?

ICEBOX: Speedgunnner is now available on Steam,, & including a DRM-free version and Steam Key. These stores support Indie Developers by offering the best cut to the developer. So with enough support, we will have a Linux and Mac release available likely in November 2017.

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