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ID-EGO singleplayer FPS needs Tux Love

id-ego singleplayer fps needs tux love for linux windows pc

ID-EGO singleplayer FPS needs some Linux love, since the Windows PC release is live. Thanks to developer feedback from Rosmic games. Which is now live with a launch discount on Steam.

Rosmic games just released their first title, ID-EGO. Which has also been in development since 2017. This is a modern shooter with an old-school feel to it. A singleplayer FPS game in a sci-fi setting. After a devastating alien attack you are put behind enemy lines. But you are also brought back to life by a mysterious drone. And since you have nowhere to go. Now you must fight the aliens and defeat them from the inside.

Linux Support:

The game engine used for ID-EGO is Unreal Engine 4.

Regarding a Linux port and support for platforms other than PC. I would say that it heavily depends on how the game does. And if there is a demand for it. If enough people play it and enjoy the game. We will for sure look deeper in to other platforms as well.

So by now means a confirmation. Since ID-EGO just released on Steam. But there is solid hope for the title going forward. Mind you it’s a bit early to tell. Seeing the Autumn Sale just released. However, you can Wishlist or share your +1 on Steam.

When you start, the overlord drone “ID-EGO” is your backseat driver. Sending into the heard of the unexplored ship to complete missions. Those that he decides are necessary. Since you don´t know if you can trust him. He is also your best bet at surviving.

ID-EGO is an old school shooter. So you will have to figure out the way yourself. Which means your skill will determine your progress. Since there are no special abilities or levels to skip.
Therefore there is heavy focus on solid gameplay. ID-EGO does give the player a chance to refine their playstyle. So you can run over the enemy by brute force. Or play defensive and let them come to you. The playstyle feels like a mix of Half-Life and Garrys Mod aspect. Both graphically and from the gameplay itself. Check out the trailer below.

ID-EGO Gameplay Trailer

As you journey through the game. You have to survive the action packed combat. Then solve puzzles to get around obstacles. Find hidden secrets to hopefully get an advantage over your enemy. Along the way you will also encounter bosses. But be sure to explore the different parts of the alien ship. (Or let´s be real, ID-EGOs adventure)

Some levels are procedurally generated. Giving you a somewhat different experience every time you play.

ID-EGO offers four different difficulty settings. So regardless of skill level there is a solid chance to experience the game. Players new to old school FPS should start out on easy. While veterans with an ego, just jump straight into the insanity.

ID-EGO is available now on Steam priced at $19.99, including 20% release discount until Dember 1st. And later return to the original price of $24.99