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Former id's Linux Guy Heads to Another Game Company


According to Phoronix, Timothee Besset (a.k.a. “TTimo”) left id Software earlier this year. For years Timothee was id’s main “Linux guy” responsible for the ports of Doom 3, Quake 4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and other Linux and Mac OS X titles. It’s now been shared that Timothee is joining another game company due to his Linux and OS X experience.

Fortunately he’s joined Frozen Sand. Having left id Software back in January and now supporting the company behind the open-source shooter game Urban Terror using the ioquake3 source code (available for Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux) .

TTimo has shared on Twitter, “I played [Urban Terror] for several years. It’s one of those few games that just ‘feel right’ to me.”

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