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Ignis spell casting duels coming to Steam

ignis spell casting duels coming to steam linux windows gaming

Ignis wizard duels coming to Steam gaming for Windows and hopefully Linux. Developer Deusald Studio is expecting a release in Q4 2018. So a native Linux release is being considered for a release.
So move over, battle arena games. there’s a new wizard in town. Ignis duels are shorter, faster and more intense.

Linux release:

“We are using Unity to make Ignis. We are thinking about the port on Linux but we are not yet determined. When we will be closer to the premiere, we will definitely test how Ignis will perform on linux.”

As a wizard dueling in the arena you must have superior. Yet almost perfect multi-casting skills. While shooting with magical missiles and dodging. Protecting yourself with a mystical shield.
So players must decide when to create chaos with a meteorite. Or summon a fire-spitting familiar. Also cast an area-of-effect spell or curse. All this while watching the spells’ cooldowns. So yes, it’s fast.

Thanks to this game’s unique controls, you can flexibly determine the path of magical projectiles by using a mouse or a gamepad analog stick. If the opponent puts barriers in the arena, just go around them! Before the fight, you choose spells for your character or upgrade selected spells during the battle. So, in addition to skill, victory also depends on good tactics.

Players can also polish their mastery of magic in several variants. Single player mode, as well as in the local (split-screen) and online (ranked!) multiplayer modes.

Ignis Features:

  • Original idea for a battle arena with an innovative spell-casting mechanic
  • Short, intense ranked duels
  • 6 playable characters
  • At least 5 additional single-player mode extensions
  • 3 arenas
  • Controls designed both for keyboard and controller input
  • Split-screen mode
  • Multiplayer mode with ranked duels
  • Advanced AI
  • 8 summonable creatures
  • Approximately 50 diverse spells, each of which can be upgraded

Steam gaming release:

Ignis will release in Q4 of 2018 for Windows and hopefully Linux. Players can already add it to their gaming Wishlist on Steam.

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