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Ignited Steel mech roguelike wants your upvote

ignited steel mech roguelike turn-based tactics game wants your upvote for a linux port with windows pc

Ignited Steel mech roguelike turn-based tactics game wants your upvote for a Linux port with Windows PC. Thanks to the recent comment on Steam from publisher Meteorbyte Studios. Due to release later this year via Steam.

Meteorbyte Publishing publisher and developers of ATTRAH and DeckRX. Who are certainly happy to announce Ignited Steel. This is a dystopian mecha turn-based tactics game developed Yokaicade. Due to make its way onto Windows PC later this year. The recent Steam Discussions comment sheds some light on Linux support.

As always, if there’s a lot of interest from the Linux community, we might think of it after we’ve done launching and porting the game to consoles.

While this is intriguing news, it’s also frustrating. Since this means Linux players have to vote and show Tux Love for support. Rather than issuing a Linux build straight away. This may obviously be due to the smaller market share. Still, there is hope.

Ignited Steel: Mecha TBT Announcement Trailer

Ignited Steel is a mech roguelike turn-based tactics game. The player must manage a team of overheating old-tech mechs and defeat the overlord A.I. Mechs overheat easily turning vulnerable, but their attacks deal more damage. There’s a whole galaxy to liberate at the player’s hand as they travel from node to node and unravel the galaxy’s story.


  • Overheating Mechanics
    The chore battle mechanics focus on managing heat. When moving and attacking mechs waste energy and generate heat. If they overheat, mechs will become vulnerable to enemy attacks. But will deal increased damage to enemies.
  • Mechs & Pilots
    The Ignited Steel player will have many different pilots. Each offers unique skills to drive the mechanics. As the player explored the galaxy and helps fellow planets, new pilots will be willing to join their crew.
  • Modules
    There are 3 types of mechs each with its own advantages and counter play. Mechs are built using unique modules each with their own purpose. As the player liberates the galaxy, they will earn and purchase new modules. Since they all offer unique traits. These modules will provide mechs with a diverse range of weapons. As well as the ability to heal, overheat, and cool down easier.
  • Replayability
    The Ignited Steel galaxy is full of conflicting planets and stories to tell. By jumping from node to node the player will discover the galaxy’s stories. Then add new modules and pilots to the crew. A procedurally generated map will offer new planets, pilots, and modules. This also includes the events and missions in every playthrough.

Ignited Steel is the first game developed by Spanish development team Yokaicade. Following the Windows PC release in Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, Ignited Steel will release on Nintendo, Xbox, and PS systems. With enough support, a Linux build will also be possible on Steam.

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