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Illuminaria base-building game hits Linux

illuminaria base building game is now on linux with mac and windows pc

Illuminaria base building game is now on Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing work and effort of developer Selva Interactive. Which is available on Steam with 94% Positive reviews.

Selva Interactive is eager to announce their unique base building game, Illuminaria, on Linux. Where players have the task of bringing back light to a world overun by darkness. They’ll control a swarm of intelligent robots while mining resources. Along with managing and defending multiple bases. Going on journeys and fighting brutal enemies that stand in their way.

On top of that, Illuminaria also has a Linux build. While this is great news, the Selva Interactive email points out that, “we only tested it in Ubuntu.” But the developer goes on to say, “we’ll be on the lookout if any problems arise in any other distro.” Which is a solid commitment for the already successful base building game.

Illuminaria Launch Trailer

In Illuminaria the mechanics are simplified in a unique way. Building and gathering resources take only a few clicks from the user. The player controls a swarm of robots who are smart enough to decide which task to do next. Which is also based on the swarm’s intelligence and the player’s input. The game also combines several genres in the strategy spectrum. Such as tower defense, auto battlers, and base-building.

The game has two main goals: Lighting beacons (to clear the darkness from the world). And also freeing bases that have been taken over by enemies. To fulfill those tasks, the Illuminaria player will need to build multiple bases. Along with warehouses and different resource producing machines. At the same time, players will defend their bases from enemies of darkness. Since they will attempt to steal and destroy their resources. Players will also visit outpost to find rare materials and fight in auto battles.

The game takes place on a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Centuries ago, this planet was full of life. Then, darkness appeared and took it all away. The Illumi, the world’s ppeople, tried to stop the blight. But in the end, they couldn’t do it on time. So as a last resort, they created an automated system to save the world. It’s now up to the player to control this high tech system. Working restore light to save Illuminaria.

Some Features Include:

  • The player controls a swarm of robots using simple interactions
  • The game focuses on building and gathering. But also has elements of tower defense and auto battles
  • Illuminaria is welcoming and easy to pick up for newcomers of the genre.
  • A goal oriented experience. You will be able to finish and enjoy (Not a sandbox game)

Illuminaria base building game is a project developed by a 3-person team from Guatemala. Available now on Steam for Linux, with Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $11.24 USD / £9.36 / 11,24€, including the 25% discount.