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Illuminaria colony sim due to get a port

illuminaria colony sim game is due to get a port for linux with mac and windows pc

Illuminaria colony sim game is due to get a port for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Which is the result of the creative work of developer Selva Interactive. Due to release on Steam tomorrow.

Selva Interactive is eager to announce their clever and welcoming resource management game. Illuminaria are due to take on the task of bringing back light to a world overtaken by darkness. They’ll control a swarm of intelligent robots while mining resources. And also managing and defending multiple bases. As well as going on journeys and fighting menacying enemies that stand in their way.

We’re developing the game in the Unity game engine. We plan to do a Linux port, but unfortunately not for launch this week.

From the email, Selva Interactive is eager to test different Linux distros. Even though Unity makes porting easier, there is no official release date for Linux. The initial launch will be followed by bug fixes, etc. So we will have to wait for a native Illuminaria build. But it’s coming.

But this is a game I’m looking forward to. Since the developer aims for a more accessible title. Doing so over typical strategy or base building games, which can be overwhelming. By focusing more on clear objectives with goal oriented gameplay. As opposed to a typical sandbox setting.

Illuminaria – Announcement Trailer

In Illuminaria the mechanics are simplified in a unique way. Building and gathering resources takes only a few clicks from the user. The player controls a swarm of robots who are smart enough to follow orders. Due to decide which task to do next based on the swarm’s intellect. As well as the player’s input. The game combines several genres in the strategy spectrum. Such as tower defense, auto battlers, and base building. While offering straight and engaging gameplay.

The world of Illuminaria was taken over by darkness. Unravel the story about what happened on the planet. Doing so as you clean and free the five regions. All by lighting beacons and sending your armies of golems to attack. Uncover the lore behind how darkness took over, and why it’s their job to bring back light.

Illuminaria colony sim is coming to Steam on August 4th. Due to being priced at $14.99 USD / £9.99 / 9,99€. Releasing on Mac and Windows PC, but Linux support is coming.

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