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Immortal Planet releases but no Linux support

immortal planet releases but no linux support in windows games

Since we are keen to share news for the latest releases in #games. #ImmortalPlanet is an action RPG with challenging combat now on Steam and GOG. Since the game only supports #Windows, this is a Gamemaker Studio release. So a Linux should be expect, which seems to not be the case right now. Therefore, we will have to gather more Linux community votes on Steam.

So gameplay has players exploring the crumbling remains of a society of immortals. Since you will be trapped in endless cycles of rebirth. And forced to fight your way to discover the planet’s mystery to escape its curse.

On the icy surface of a forgotten planet stand ruined tombs where immortals sleep. While sleepless warriors roam the halls with their minds eroded by eternity. A lone Awakewalker emerges from cryosleep. With no memory of their past, it’s up to them to forge their future. While discovering the planet’s mysteries and find a way out of this icy hell…

So fight, die, repeat as Immortal Planet takes no prisoners. The game will reward generously your patience and focus in combat. Yet do not expect it to show you any mercy for a reckless action taken. Therefore players will need quick reflexes. In fact the games designed to kick your butt for it. Making you want to get back for more.

Immortal Planet – Release Trailer:

Immortal Planet is a love letter to Dark Souls. After making Ronin, published by Devolver Digital in 2015, I wanted to create a game that would be my own take on emerging genre of souls-like games. For me, the core of a souls-like game is the methodical combat where patience and focus are much more important than reflexes. Stamina management is a huge part of that, but I always felt that there can be a lot more done to it to make it more interesting,” – said Tomasz Wacławek, the game’s creator.

In Immortal Planet, the player sees how much stamina enemies have. So you can plan the approach around that, but also exploit it. Like performing a dodge towards an exhausted enemy will let you bash or stun. It’s a risky tactic, as bashing an enemy with full stamina will stun the player instead. There are many items and spells in the game that use the stamina mechanic. These all happen innovative ways. So cryo spells will damage stamina before affecting health. Or stims that instantly restore stamina. While attacks deal bonus damage to enemies with low stamina.

“During the playthrough, players will explore tombs inhabited by different groups of immortals. With every one of them having a different take on how eternity should be spent. So there is huge variety of enemy types and environments to discover. The player’s goal will be to figure out what happened to the planet’s inhabitants. Along with how to escape from its curse of immortality,” – Wacławek added.

Immortal Planet Features:

  • Souls-like Progression: Recover Experiences lost upon death and use them to upgrade your character. Customize your playstyle with dozens of items and spells.
  • Methodical Combat: Patience and focus are much more important than reflexes. Block, dodge and tackle enemies while managing your stamina.
  • You can see enemy stamina and exploit it to stun them when they are exhausted.
  • Tight Level Design: Levels are designed around single checkpoints from which you explore the area around it. Levels feature many unlockable shortcuts so you are always progressing no matter what.
  • Intense Boss fights: Every level features a powerful boss enemy. Fights with these enemies are multi-stage struggles that are a real test of skill and determination.

So Immortal Planet has launched on Steam and GOG. Yet the release is only for Windows priced of $14.99. Therefore it’s time to get those votes in for Linux.

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  • Translator5
    Jul 28, 2017 4:23 pm

    I don’t think releases, but focused on Linux or not playable at release using wine are not worth to speak about!

    • Todd LGC Admin
      Jul 28, 2017 8:37 pm

      Well using PlayOnLinux… it should work just fine.
      But it looks like the Linux release will likely not happen. Which is either the lack of how to port to Linux, or just not enough confidence in the game itself. I’m not sure.