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Immortal: Unchained sci-fi RPG runs on Proton

immortal: unchained sci-fi rpg runs via proton on linux

Immortal: Unchained is a hardcore action sci-fi RPG shooter that works via Proton on Linux. But the games release from Toadman Interactive primarily supports Windows via Steam and Humble Store.

So this is what it’s all come down to, promoting games that do not have Linux support. But magically Immortal: Unchained works with Gold status via Proton. Since Sold Out and Game Odyssey are eager to announce the hardcore action RPG sci-fi shooter. We are also pleased to have at least a work around. Which uses the same Autodesk Stingray game engine as Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide.

Unchain your wrath. Unleashed from your eternal prison. Players are an ultimate weapon tasked with saving the Cosmos from a cataclysmic event threatening to end all worlds.

Immortal: Unchained – Launch Trailer (Windows, Linux via Proton)

While Immortal: Unchained sci-fi RPG will have you experiencing fast-paced tactical combat. This also combines ruthless gunplay with brutal melee combat. Exploring unforgiving worlds and defeating legendary bosses. All to acquire powerful weapons and delve into a vast array of weapon choices and builds. Trust no one. Expect no mercy.

“We’re thrilled to finally put Immortal: Unchained into player’s hands,” said Robin Flodin, CEO of Toadman Interactive. “We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a game that matches the vision that Game Odyssey brought to us. And that our fans and community have been asking for. I’m incredibly proud of what the team and the studio has achieved.”

“I’m very happy to see our ideas and worlds come to life in Immortal: Unchained,” said Nader Moukarim, CEO of Game Odyssey Ltd. “I hope gamers all over the world will appreciate and enjoy the game, and that this is but the start of something greater.”

“As Sold Out’s first physical and digital release, Immortal: Unchained marks a major milestone for the company,” said Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out. “It’s a really unique game, and we think this new IP will offer a compelling alternative for fans of the hardcore action-RPG genre.”

So this could be the start of something. Immortal: Unchained studio is already working on additional content and updates for the game. Which I am hoping will also be playable on Linux as well. Including further enhancements and a New Game Plus mode. And other exciting features coming later.

Immortal: Unchained sci-fi RPG shooter is available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $44.99 USD with a 10% discount until September 15th. Regular price is $49.99 USD.

For future updates on Immortal: Unchained, please visit the game’s official website at​, and follow the game on ​Twitter​ and ​Facebook​.

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