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Impaler arena shooter offers hope and a Demo

impaler arena shooter game offers hope for linux and a demo for windows pc

Impaler arena shooter game offers hope for Linux and a Demo for Windows PC. All due to the madness and all out monster slayer developer Apptivus. Coming later in 2022 on Steam.

Solo indie developer Apptivus has released a playable demo. Offering a chance to play the Windows PC arena shooter title Impaler. It’s now available on Steam, and playable on Linux via Proton. Actually, it runs quite well. But there is hope for a Linux native build too.

There is hope 🙂
The game is written in C and built with cross-platform libs so it should be very portable.

Even playing the Impaler Demo, the game runs quite well. So hopefully this will mean a smoother port for Apptivus. You can also see the developer’s Steam forum comment for yourself. But you really do have to play the game for yourself.


  • Custom engine made in pure C + OpenGL. No bloat.
  • Dynamic lighting and fog
  • Soft particles and volumetric effects
  • Bullet penetrations and ricochets

Impaler | Trailer 4k

Original pixel art inspired by 90s shooters while including rain, fog, and colorful lighting. Plus you also have some synth and metal tracks to keep you motivated.

The Impaler demo gives players a chance to repel enemies on four levels. All while you and try the core gameplay mechanic of summoning sharp spikes to impale monsters. You can also build barriers and reach higher ground. It’s difficult, rewards movement, and each run feels different thanks to rogue-like elements.

Features of game include:

  • Summon spikes to impale, build barriers, and reach higher ground
  • Highly replayable with 6 weapons, 10 enemies, and diverse map layouts
  • 30+ unique upgrades to unlock in Impaler
  • Original pixel art inspired by ’90s shooters
  • Retro synth/metal tracks and crunchy sounds
  • A custom engine made in pure C + OpenGL. No bloat
  • Full controller support and Steam Deck optimization

Impaler arena shooter game will be released on Steam later in 2022. But there is certainly hope for Linux with Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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