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Imperator Rome grand strategy launches

imperator rome grand strategy launches in linux mac windows pc games

Imperator Rome grand strategy launches in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to Paradox Development Studio. Who bring this historical experiences to life. Available now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Since Alexander is dead. His generals now fight over his legacy and empire. To the east, Chandragupta builds control over much of India. To the west, the profitable republic of Carthage. And also the martial republic of Rome. All are on a collision course for control of their half of the Mediterranean.
Also, far from the cities of coastal empires. Fierce tribes of what the Greeks call “barbarians”. Who follow their own paths.

Imperator Rome grand strategy Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

So you can choose from hundreds of republics. Also thrones and tribal regimes. While you guide your nation to eternal glory.
Will you repeat history and lead Rome to empire and glory? Or will you defy the fates? While you unite the Hellenistic Kingdoms under one crown? Can Carthage resist destruction? Or will old Cato’s demand for its total ruin be fulfilled again? The game launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can take control of history.

Features of Imperator Rome include:

  • Challenging but familiar classical setting. Rome does not yet dominate Italy. Since Carthage manages dozens of vassal city states in a naval empire. While the mantle of Alexander is disputed by kings. Those of Macedonia, Egypt, Anatolia and Persia. While India bows to Chandragupta’s Mauryan might.
  • Unique Government Mechanics. Kings will find they have a freer hand to do as they please. Which is also than a consul in a republic. But with fewer political outlets in Imperator Rome. Since monarchies can breed traitors more quickly.
  • Most detailed Paradox map yet. Hundreds of towns dot the map. While some have fortresses or ports to strengthen their strategic importance. Each province’s population will determines its value. And also their purpose in the empire.
  • Population management. Citizens, freemen, slaves and tribal populations. They bring benefits to your empire in Imperator Rome. But also burdens if the influx of cheap foreign labor. Since this can be costly to your research or food supply.
  • Flexible trade system. Exchange surplus goods from far across the sea. While satisfying your people or build better armies. You can also keep your surplus for added bonuses at home.

Tactics and armies:

  • Cultural Military Traditions. Different cultures will evolve their armies in unique ways. So make embrace the Parthian horse archer as a Persian nation. While you strengthen your triremes as a Punic power. Or trust everything to the heavy infantry as a Roman.
  • Battle tactics. Choose how your general will approach the coming battle. So either making the most of force composition and terrain. While using your light infantry to skirmish advantage. But doing so in rough ground within Imperator Rome. You can also gamble on a full assault in open plains.
  • Manage a court of hundreds of characters. Watch and guide hundreds of characters. While you work through three centuries of history. Families will rise and fall in height. Some will be heroes, some will be traitors. So create new legends that will sing through time.
  • And Much More. Dynamic events and scheming against rivals. With beautiful art and music. Also barbarian migrations, inventions and religious ideas. Also laws, royal pretenders and other features. All to fill in a rich ancient mosaic.

Be a Hannibal, be a Ptolemy and be a Caesar. These are riches and majesty of the ancient Mediterranean. They can also be yours for the taking. So seize the day!

Get ready to dive into the epic conquests. And geopolitical drama of the classical world in Imperator Rome. A new grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. Which is also launches now for $39.99 USD. Check it out on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Since the game launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.