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Imperator: Rome releasing a new grand strategy

imperator rome releasing a new grand strategy in linux mac windows games

Imperator: Rome is a brand new grand strategy releasing in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to the efforts of developer
Paradox Development Studio. And the games release date is April 25th, 2019. So not too far off. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows.
The developer also opens pre-orders now on Steam and Paradox Plaza.

Imperator: Rome with the eldest and smartest citizens. While gathering in the Temple of Saturn. All to seek the flavor of the gods. To brainstorm the college of the forecasters. Working to determine the best date to launch the new venture.
After making the appropriate sacrifices. The forecasters decide that the Gods find the best date. Hence ante diem octavum Kalendas Aprilis, ad urba condita 2772. Also calling this the luckiest date.

So now the glories of the ancient world will be yours. Take control on April 25th, 2019. Have you signed your legionary contract? Are you prepared? Ready to build roads to the ends of the earth? So can you be the next Caesar? Well it’s also time to pre-order

Imperator: Rome Release Date Announcement (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Imperator: Rome is a new historical grand strategy game. Thanks to Paradox Development Studio and Johan Andersson.
Imperator also put you into the classical world. A full decade after the death of Alexander the Great.
So now you must take control of hundreds of ancient kingdoms. Also tribes and republics. While expanding your glory. Keeping disloyal governors and unhappy subjects in their place.

Features of Imperator: Rome include:

  • Challenging but familiar classical setting: Rome does not yet command Italy. Carthage manages dozens of vassal city states in a naval empire. The blanket of Alexander is in challenge for Imperator: Rome. Facing kings in Macedonia, Egypt, Anatolia and Persia. While India bows to Chandragupta’s Mauryan might.
  • Unique Government Mechanics: Kings will find they have a freer hand to do as they please. Rather than be apart of a republic. But with fewer political outlets. But the kingdom may harvest traitors more quickly.
  • Most detailed Paradox map yet: Hundreds of towns dot the map. While some with a fort or port to hold their key value. Each province’s population will definitely determine its value. And also it’s purpose in the empire.
  • Population management: Citizens, freemen, slaves and tribal populations. Also bring good things to your empire. But also problems if the more cheap offshore labour. Putting more issues ahead of your research or food supply.

Management and Tactics:

  • Flexible trade system: Exchange leftover goods from far across the sea. Helping to please your people or build better armies. Or keep your spare good for more bonuses at home.
  • Cultural Military Traditions: Different cultures will also grow their armies in different ways. Learn about the Parthian horse archer as a Persian nation. Improve your boats as a Punic power in Imperator: Rome. Or trust everything to the heavy grunts as a Roman.
  • Battle tactics: Choose how your general will approach the coming battle. While making the most of force design to get higher ground. Use your light troops to skirmish advantage in rough ground. Taking on the risk of full assault in open plains.
  • Manage of court of hundreds of characters: Watch and guide hundreds of characters in Imperator: Rome. Working through three centuries of history. Families will also rise and fall in their height. Some will be heroes, some will double cross. Create new allies that will sing through time.
  • And Much More: Dynamic events, scheming against enemies. Also beautiful art and music. Barbarian shift, inventions, religious ideas, laws and royal frauds. And other features to fill in a rich ancient mosaic.

Imperator: Rome the new grand strategy games releasing April 25th, 2019. Available for pre-order on Steam and Paradox Plaza, priced at $39.99 USD. And also releasing for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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