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imprint-X linear puzzle game now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


imprint-X is a puzzle #game on Kickstarter from the #creators of #RymdResa for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming with 100 uniquely crafted puzzles to solve, where players hack and click their way to defeat the mysterious robotic Wardens.

One day an AI from outer space sent out swarms of Nano Bots that attacked the people of the Base, flew into their world and infected their brains, planting Wardens.  These Wardens enslave the people! Players take on the role as one of the hacker clones, saving people by hacking into their brains and destroying robot viruses that enslave their minds.

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At the release the game will include 5 people to save. Their brains are enslaved by a robotic virus. Every brain is infected with about 15-20 Wardens each. Every Warden is a level with a button puzzle for the player to unlock.

  • A Puzzle game
    A casual and linear puzzle game where you hack and click your way to defeat the mysterious robotic Wardens.
  • Combine to unlock
    Click the buttons in the right sequence to unlock the Warden.
  • Functions()
    Clicking uses function() calls. you only have a set amount of functions per level.

To defeat a Warden the player has to click the Warden’s buttons in the correct sequence. Clicking uses function() calls. You only have a set amount of functions per level.

  • A Warden
    The Wardens contains many different puzzle combinations including memory, timer, timing, forming patterns, matching and more. When players save one brain, the next world is unlocked with new Wardens.


Some puzzles are easy and chill, and some are harder. Morgondag wanted to make a causal game that is fun to play.

  • Bosses
    Every brain will include 1 or more bosses to fight! The boss gameplay resolves around timing a circle and a box. When they overlay the player has to click to unlock a pattern.
    The 6th world will be a procedurally generated boss level, with endless boss fighting!
  • Unlock next world
    To unlock the next world the player needs to beat the world boss. The boss is unlocked when the player has gathered X points. Every Warden defeated gives 0-3 points depending on how many function() calls the player has used. Every Warden is re-playable, meaning that the player can get a better score if playing again.

imprint-X is currently available on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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