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Impulsion 3D platformer could get support

impulsion 3D platformer could get linux support beside windows

Impulsion [official website] is a first person 3D platformer coming to Steam for Windows, but not Linux. Well we reached out to developer Driving Force Games with some interesting feedback.

So, as many of you might know by now. There Are always game developers willing to porting their release to Linux. Either on or shortly after the initial launch. And since catching the trailer and further details about their debut title Impulsion. Which I have to admit looks challenging in a fun sort of manner.

Also, having a similar vibe to the recently released QUBE 2. Which does not have Linux support yet. Why do I say that?

Linux Support:

“The game was built with Unreal Engine 4.

Sadly it will only support Windows 64 bits at release.

Supporting Linux and Mac platforms are not a high priority for us at the moment. So I cannot comment on when we would be able to support them but if we can we would definitely love to offer the option.”

So both Impulsion and QUBE 2 both run on Unreal Engine 4. Which has been somewhat of an issue for Linux support. But the feedback from Driving Force Games still seems positive. They are not ruling out Linux support. But the initial release seems to be a big factor.

As with most games, the initial launch can very well determine further platform support. I know it sounds silly seeing UE4 supports Linux. But the porting process is not quite as easy as say Unity games.
Therefore, a Steam Discussion post is live. Share that Tux Love.

So Impulsion will be available July 19 on Windows via Steam. Winner of the Ping Awards 2017, Impulsion is a mind-bending first-person platformer. Which will also challenge the players’ reflexes with fast-paced challenges and gameplay.

Impulsion – 3D platformer Gameplay (Windows, no Linux, yet)

In Impulsion, players find themselves in station HMR-1. A mysterious station design which will calibrate with robotic units such as yourself. Guided by the sassy artificial intelligence Archie. Players will have to navigate through a wide array of devious challenges. Proving their worth outside of the station.

Your weapon: time manipulation. Armed with two force field pistols, players can dual-wield their weapons. While manipulating time, gravity and speed to overcome obstacles. And also avoid traps in each environment.
With sharp wits, fast reflexes and imagination. Players must show off their skills and find the right balance between bold moves and caution. While they take on 25 levels of increasing difficulty.

Impulsion key features include:

  • Fast-paced platformer in first-person experience!
  • Challenging levels providing hours of gameplay
  • Story Mode with an intriguing science-fiction story filled with funny dialogues
  • Competitive Mode with Steam leaderboards to challenge the world… and your friends
  • Speed-run Mode with an in-game timer for players looking for the hardest of challenges!

So Impulsion 3D platformer is coming to Steam on July 19th. So if you want to back Linux, now is the time. I know I’m eager to see a port and the trailer looks interesting.

Find out more about Impulsion on the official website and Steam – and stay up to date with the latest news by following the developers on Twitter and Facebook.

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