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In Retrospect craft your story action platformer

in retrospect craft your story action platformer on linux and windows PC

In Retrospect action platformer will have you craft your own story on Windows PC, but what about Linux? We reached out to Chicago game development studio Paper Salamander Games. Who are announcing their action platformer coming to Steam.

In Retrospect is a musical action platformer. Due to release on Windows PC via Steam in Summer 2020. So we reached out to Paper Salamander regarding Linux support. With a surprisingly positive answer.

Linux Support:

In Retrospect is being developed in Unity. There is currently no Linux version planned. But it is my understanding that Unity ports to Linux fairly easily. So it is always a possibility for the future.
I am just a one man development team. But I like to try to appeal to the widest possible market.

Since the release is a way off yet. It’s also a pleasure to see Linux the mix. While looking to appeal to the “widest possible market”. Something that indie developers fear out of a lack of Linux understanding.
But again, the release is not due until 2020. This is also a good time to Wishlist on Steam.

In Retrospect is a game about life. While exploring the many joys and challenges along the way. All synced to the beat of an expressive and varied soundtrack. Exploring the themes of memory and choice. In Retrospect also asks the player to contemplate their perception of the past decisions. And then reflecting on their current life trajectory. Which is also rather deep for an action platformer. As the players will run, swim, walk, fall, and ride. Exploring through their own past. Making decisions that will affect both the story and the gameplay.

From the developer:

“As I get older I have been thinking a lot about how quickly life flies by and how a lot of the major decisions we make related to education, work, love, you name it, no matter how much time we took to make them, feel like they happened in a flash when looking back on them In Retrospect,” said lead designer Andrew Nee. “I wanted to tell a story that pared down this concept into a smaller, more twitch package, where split second decisions can change everything. And I have always felt that the different phases of our life can be expressed through sound, so I knew that syncing the story, gameplay and music into a coherent whole had to be involved as well.”

In Retrospect Trailer (Windows PC, hopefully Linux)

In Retrospect is has two core modes. Both of them focusing on musical action platforming gameplay. And between both modes there are over 100 different platforms. Which also includes enemies and hazard types. So there is always something new to see.

The In Retrospect Story Mode takes you through your past. While you go over the course of many phases. Where the collectables you gather and your answers come together. As key questions that help determine how you remember your life. Changing both the story and the gameplay as you progress throughout the mode.
Will you focus on health, wealth, love, education, creativity, or spirituality? How will you remember your life? Every stage in Story Mode also has its own unique song that syncs with the gameplay.

Challenge mode includes 30+ individual stages. Built to be played for high scores. With full leaderboards attached to each of them. Every one of these stages syncs the music and gameplay as well.

In Retrospect action platformer for Windows PC, with hope for Linux. Due to release in Summer 2020. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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