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In The Black team-based space combat talks port

in the black multiplayer team-based online space combat simulator talks about a linux port along with windows pc

In The Black multiplayer team-based online space combat simulator talks about a Linux port along with Windows PC. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Impeller Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Following the successful Closed Beta in April this year. Impeller Studios hits another major milestone with the In The Black Steam Playtest. Which does not seem to work yet via Proton. The game is available to play for free should you want to try yourself. However, the Discussion post also mentions forthcoming Linux tests.

We have investigated and will do our best to get a Linux version working, but I don’t have an exact time frame for that yet.

Since Proton support for the In The Black Playtest is limited. It’s a pleasure to know that Linux support is in consideration at least. Having had my eye on the game for a while now. This is a multiplayer team-based online space combat simulator. This means it would be great to wreak havoc as a team. Even moreso with Linux support.

Starfighter Inc.’s Final Name: In The Black

Studio Director Jack Mamais (MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries, Far Cry, and Crysis), explains “This game is for fans of classic space combat sims. And anyone interested in immersive and thrilling first person experiences. From our initial Kickstarter up until now, we’ve worked hard to create a game that’s deep enough for hard-core players. But still easy to pick up and enjoy as a new pilot.”

Impeller Studios wants to hear every player’s thoughts on the In The Black Steam Playtest. So they continuously work to improve every facet of the game. This playtest release features a new Onboarding level. Plus, a new Conquest mode scenario called Conjunction. There are also two new TDM scenarios. These are Open Space (just empty void) and Assault on Enceladus featuring our first battlespace near the surface of a large moon. In this case over a research facility among the ice geyser region at Enceladus’s south pole!

For more information about In The Black please visit its official website. Join the fast-growing Discord community. Also, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to arrive for Windows PC, but hopefully Linux as well in 2022.

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