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In The Shadows Remastered releases now

in the shadows remastered releases now on linux mac windows pc

In The Shadows Remastered releases now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Colorspace Studio Inc. With even more content available now on Steam and GOG. And still holding a 92% Positive review score.

In The Shadows Remastered is certainly a revised version. Since this release expands on the international version of the 2017 game. Available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With new localization language support in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Also, Spanish and Russian with the already supported English and French.

In The Shadows Remastered Trailer

Live or relive the adventure of the charming puzzle platformer. While you delve in fear and comfort. Where lights scare away monsters in In The Shadows Remastered during the night. Each source of light is your tool. Use it to get the shadow monsters to change back into their proper form! Every monster has its own mechanic. So make sure to use it at the right time, and the right place! Whether it is a ladder, a key, a door. Each monster has its purpose, it up to you to figure it out and find your way out.

In The Shadows has been a labor of love, a project made entirely by me over the course of three years. Never satisfied with how it was first released, I decided to make a better version of what I had originally in my head, a better, remastered, polished version of it. “In The Shadows Remastered Rerelease” offers a few new features.


  • Added localization for Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese on top of the already supported English and French localization.
  • Better controller support, for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 controller
  • Lots of graphical and audio tweaks and polish overall
  • Puzzles tweaks and visual cues to help players of all skill levels and make it more accessible

In The Shadows Remastered releases on both Steam and GOG. Priced at $9.59, including the 40% discount until October 27th. Playable still on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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