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Indie Game Bundle List Update for January 24, 2014

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to check in with all of the indie game bundles for an update. This week is pretty darn impressive. There are a whopping 19 indie game bundles available. Most have at least 4 games for you to play. Meaning the backlog is going to grow substantially, even if you only buy one. Almost every one also offers Windows, Mac, and Linux games, so every PC gamer is covered this week.

GamerTell’s Best Indie Game Bundle Picks: Lazy Guys Studio ‘Starting 2014 Like a Boss’ Bundle (Windows, Mac, Linux) and The Indie Gala January Bundle (Windows, Mac)

  • Bundle Bandits New Year’s Riot Bundle: Pay $2 to get Battlegrounds of Eldhelm (Windows), Space Ranger A.S.K (Windows), Meatballphobia (Windows), Deaths (Windows), Bandit Skies (Windows), Hox (Windows), Almka (Windows), and Wiwi’s Adventures 3 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Blaze of Glory: Pay $2.46 to get Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold (Windows), WWIII: Black Gold (Windows), KnightShift (Windows), East Indie Company Gold (Windows), and WWII Panzer Claws 1 & 2 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars The Brutal Bundle: Pay $4.96 to get Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition (Windows), Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Windows, Mac), Dungeonbowl (Windows), Port Royale 3 (Windows), King’s Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack (Windows, Mac), Iron Sky: Invasion (Windows, Mac), Day One: Garry’s Mod (Windows), Steel Storm: Complete Edition (Windows, Mac), Naval Warfare (Windows), and Earth 2150 Trilogy (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars High Octane Bundle: Pay $3.99 to get Clutch (Windows), Crash Time 2 (Windows), Death Track: Resurrection (Windows), Metal Drift (Windows), Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (Windows) and Wasteland Angel (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Kingdoms Bundle: Pay $3.02 to get Europa Universalis III Complete (Windows, Mac), Sword of the Stars Complete Collection (Windows), Heart of Iron III (Windows, Mac), Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition (Windows) The King’s Crusade (Windows), and Magicka (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars The Outer Limits Bundle: Pay $3.99 to get UFO Extraterrestrials Gold (Windows), Blades of Time Limited Edition (Windows, Mac), Insane 2 (Windows), Hydrophobia Prophecy (Windows), Race Injection (Windows), Warfare (Windows), Puzzle Kingdoms (Windows), Gumboy Tournament (Windows) Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold (Windows), and Razor2: Hidden Skies (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Planes, Trains & Automobiles Bundle: Pay $3.99 to get Agricultural Simulator 2013 (Windows), Combat Wings: Battle of Britain (Windows), GTR 2: FIA GT Racing Game (Windows), Off-Road Drive (Windows), Pacific Storm Allies (Windows), Race On (Windows), STCC II (Windows), Trainz: Classic Cabon City (Windows), and Trainz: Settle & Carlisle (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars RPG Champions Bundle: Pay $5 to get Two Worlds II (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds Epic Edition (Windows), Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (Windows), Enclave (Windows), and Gorky 17 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Urban Guerilla Bundle: Pay $3 to get APB Reloaded (Windows), Arena Wars II (Windows), Coniclysm (Windows), Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition (Windows), Prime World Defenders (Windows, Mac), and Clickr (Windows).
  • The Flying Bundle 5: Pay at least $3 to get BasketBelle (Windows, Mac), Booster Trooper (Windows), Creavures (Windows, Mac), Gish (Windows, Mac), Gravity Badgers (Windows, Mac, Linux), Hamlet (Windows), POP: Methdology Experiment One (Windows), and one mystery game.
  • GamesRage Truly Indie Games Bundle: Pay what you want to get Project Night (Windows, Mac, Linux), Ocean City Racing (Windows), Strategic War in Europe (Windows) and Dark Gates (Windows, Linux). Pay over $3.14 to also get QbQbQb (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) and GoScurry (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Groupees Build a Retro Bundle 2: Pay between $1.50 and $4.92 to get a bundle that can contain Gobliiins Trilogy (Windows), Irem Arcade Hits (Windows), Raiden Legacy: The Return (Windows, Mac, Linux), Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine (Windows), Saturday Morning RPG (Windows, Mac, Linux), //N.P.P.D. RUSH// : THE MILK OF ULTRA VIOLET (Windows), Pineapple Smash Crew (Windows), Rot Gut (Windows), and Two Brothers (Windows).
  • Groupees Capsule Computers Indie Bundle 3: Pay $1 to get Rush Bros. (Windows, Mac), Starpoint Gemini (Windows), Bad Bots (Windows, Mac) Return to Mysterious Island (Windows), and Rise of the Ravager (Windows, Linux). Pay $4 or more to also get Ravensword: Shadowlands (Windows, Mac, Linux), Storm Over the Pacific (Windows), A.R.E.S.:Extinction Agenda (Windows), and Haegemonia Gold (Windows).
  • Groupees Community Bundle 2: Pay at least $1 to get Samphi (Windows), Kilgazar (Windows, Mac, Linux), Space Game (Windows, Mac, Linux), Who Let the Dogs Fart? (Android), Hang-Out (Windows, Android) and some ebooks and music.
  • Groupees Spotlight Millenium Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Millenium 3: Cry Wolf (Windows). Pay at least $2 to also get Millenium: A New Hope (Windows) and Millenium 2: Take Me Higher (Windows). Pay at least $4 to also get Millenium 4: Beyond Sunset (Windows), thus giving you all four episodes of the Millenium game.
  • Humble Weekly Sale: Roguelike: Pay whatever you want to get Paranautical Activity (Windows, Mac, Linux), Dungeons of Dredmor Complete (Windows, Mac, Linux), and Hack, Slash, Loot (Windows, Mac, Linux). Pay at least $6 to also get Teleglitch: Die More Edition (Windows), The Binding of Isaac with Wrath of the Lamb DLC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold Edition (Windows).
  • The Indie Gala January Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Millenium: A New Hope (Windows), Laxius Force (Windows), and Two Brothers (Windows). Pay $5.19 or more to also get Ballpoint Universe – Infinite (Windows, Mac), Tales of Maj’Eyal (Windows, Mac), Ravensword: Shadowlands (Windows, Mac, Linux), Gravity Badgers (Windows, Mac, Linux), Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut (Windows), and Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage (Windows).
  • Indie Royale The Debut 9 Bundle: Pay the minimum or more to get Airship Dragoon (Windows), Little Trus Man (Windows), Sky Nations (Windows), Inescapable (Windows, Mac, Linux), Dark Gates (Windows, Linux), Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 – Tides of Fate (Windows), and one unrevealed game.
  • Lazy Guys Studio ‘Starting 2014 Like a Boss’ Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Pulse Shift (Windows), Bridge It (Windows), Chompy Chomp Chomp (Windows), Great Permutator (Windows, Mac, Linux), Fleet Buster Project (Windows), Reversion: The Meeting (Windows, Mac, Linux), Hacker Evolution: Duality (Windows, Mac, Linux), Hacker Evolution: Untold (Windows, Mac), Hacker Evolution: Time Dimensions (Windows), Super Panda Adventures (Windows), Aztaka (Windows, Mac), Downhill OMG 2 (Windows, Mac, Linux), Noire (Windows, Mac, Linux), Ampu-Tea (Windows), and Dale Hardshovel HD (Windows, Mac, Linux).

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