Indie Game Bundle Update for January 31, 2014

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to go through the Indie Game Bundle Update. There are 16 indie game #bundles available this week. Most are returning from previous weeks, but there are a few new ones. The most notable are the massive Blink Bundle (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the Curve Studios Mega Bundle (PS3, Vita). It’s supposed to be another snowy weekend, so stay in and enjoy these.

GamerTell’s Best Indie Game Bundle Picks: Blink Bundle Something for Everyone Bundle (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Curve Studios Mega Bundle (PS3, Vita)

  • Blink Bundle Something for Everyone Bundle: Pay $1.99 to get Gnomoria (Windows), Sideway: New York (Windows, Mac, Linux), Archon Classic (Windows), Light of Altair (Windows), and a mystery game. Pay $4.99 to also get Blockland (Windows, Mac), Eldritch (Windows, Mac, Linux), Lilly Looking Through (Windows, Mac, Linux), Mutant Mudds (Windows), Influx (Windows), Hero of the Kingdom (Windows), and a mystery game.
  • Bundle Stars Blaze of Glory: Pay $2.46 to get Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold (Windows), WWIII: Black Gold (Windows), KnightShift (Windows), East Indie Company Gold (Windows), and WWII Panzer Claws 1 & 2 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars The Brutal Bundle: Pay $4.96 to get Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition (Windows), Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Windows, Mac), Dungeonbowl (Windows), Port Royale 3 (Windows), King’s Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack (Windows, Mac), Iron Sky: Invasion (Windows, Mac), Day One: Garry’s Mod (Windows), Steel Storm: Complete Edition (Windows, Mac), Naval Warfare (Windows), and Earth 2150 Trilogy (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars FPS Warriors 2 Bundle: Pay $3.96 to get Nuclear Dawn (Windows, Mac), Hard Reset Extended Edition (Windows), Painkiller Overdose (Windows), Painkiller Black Edition (Windows), AirBuccaneers (Windows), Zeno Clash (Windows), Zeno Clash II (Windows), and Chaser (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars High Octane Bundle: Pay $3.99 to get Clutch (Windows), Crash Time 2 (Windows), Death Track: Resurrection (Windows), Metal Drift (Windows), Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (Windows) and Wasteland Angel (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Kingdoms Bundle: Pay $3.02 to get Europa Universalis III Complete (Windows, Mac), Sword of the Stars Complete Collection (Windows), Heart of Iron III (Windows, Mac), Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition (Windows) The King’s Crusade (Windows), and Magicka (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars The Outer Limits Bundle: Pay $3.99 to get UFO Extraterrestrials Gold (Windows), Blades of Time Limited Edition (Windows, Mac), Insane 2 (Windows), Hydrophobia Prophecy (Windows), Race Injection (Windows), Warfare (Windows), Puzzle Kingdoms (Windows), Gumboy Tournament (Windows) Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold (Windows), and Razor2: Hidden Skies (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars RPG Champions Bundle: Pay $5 to get Two Worlds II (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds Epic Edition (Windows), Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (Windows), Enclave (Windows), and Gorky 17 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Urban Guerilla Bundle: Pay $3 to get APB Reloaded (Windows), Arena Wars II (Windows), Coniclysm (Windows), Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition (Windows), Prime World Defenders (Windows, Mac), and Clickr (Windows).
  • Curve Studios Mega Bundle: Pay $14.99, or $13.49 if you have PlayStation Plus, to get Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut (PS3, Vita), Proteus (PS3, Vita) Stealth Inc. (PS3, Vita), and Thomas Was Alone (PS3, Vita).
  • The Flying Bundle 5: Pay at least $3 to get BasketBelle (Windows, Mac), Booster Trooper (Windows), Creavures (Windows, Mac), Gish (Windows, Mac), Gravity Badgers (Windows, Mac, Linux), Hamlet (Windows), Not The Robots (Windows, Mac, Linux), POP: Methdology Experiment One (Windows), and one mystery game.
  • Groupees Community Bundle 2: Pay at least $1 to get Samphi (Windows), Kilgazar (Windows, Mac, Linux), Space Game (Windows, Mac, Linux), Who Let the Dogs Fart? (Android), Hang-Out (Windows, Android) and some ebooks and music.
  • Humble Weekly Sale: Codemasters: Pay whatever you want to get Overlord (Windows), Overlord Raising Hell DLC (Windows), Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Windows), Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Windows), and Rise of the Argonauts (Windows). Pay at least $6 to also get DiRT Showdown (Windows), DiRT 3 (Windows), and Overlord II (Windows).
  • The Indie Gala January Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Millenium: A New Hope (Windows), Laxius Force (Windows), and Two Brothers (Windows). Pay $5.19 or more to also get Ballpoint Universe – Infinite (Windows, Mac), Tales of Maj’Eyal (Windows, Mac), Ravensword: Shadowlands (Windows, Mac, Linux), Gravity Badgers (Windows, Mac, Linux), Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut (Windows), and Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage (Windows).
  • The Indie Gala Fire & Sword Bundle: Pay at least $2.49 to get Leviathan Warships (Windows, Mac), Mount & Blade (Windows), Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword (Windows), War of the Roses (Windows), and Sengoku (Windows).

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